Finding Your Business DNA


This is a video I did a while back on the importance of being true to yourself… stay tuned to the end for a weird surprise.

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A True Networking Mistake


This is a short and true story I experienced recently… what are your thoughts on this?

Creating the Rockstar Effect


I just got back from Dubai, it was incredible… I think this short video sums up the experience:

Anyway, that is all well and good for my fragile little ego, but what does this mean to you?

Well, the good news is that ANYONE can achieve this sort of response in their market… in fact, Dave Crane has hired me to help him become a superstar in his industry… afterall, like he said, he has been there for 15 years performing regularly, and I created the “rockstar effect” in just 3 visits.

I must be doing something right… right?

Actually, there is a formula for creating this sort of following, I call it my “personal brand M.A.P”.

Any idea what the MAP stands for?

I have never shared this before, but will be revealing it exclusively on today’s “7-figures in the fan economy” webinar.

Grab a seat QUICK: Discover the MAP rule

See you there, no excuses.


My HUGE Bribe


I have agreed to jump out of a plane to raise money for Unicef… I will almost definitely poop my pants, and I am terrified.

But the good news is that I am willing to bribe you with a ton of great stuff in exchange for a donation from you. ;-)

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Here is my shameless bribe.

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There is probably over $1,000 of value here can get it all for just a $100 donation, and it is for a great cause.

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Have a great day.


PS: I really appreciate your help on this… thanks so much.

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Outsourcing Your Business


There is nothing quite like stuff being done in your business whilst you are drinking Chilli Mojitos on the beach.

This video below explains how I did it.

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