One Amazing Video & One Craptastic One


Viral and promotional videos can be hit and miss, they require creativity, they must push our emotional triggers, and most of all, they shouldn’t make us throw up in our own mouths.

Below are two viral videos, the first is a flash-mob video promoting the 24th season of the Oprah Winfrey show, featuring the Black Eyed Peas. This is a superb video.

Below it is a video encouraging people to have Microsoft 7 home launch parties. It is craptastic! Honestly, it is the cheesiest, most cringe-worthy video I have ever seen, and I dare you to watch it all the way through without dry vomiting.

Oprah & Black Eyed Peas – I Got A Feeling Live.

Host a Windows 7 Launch Party

If you haven’t lost the will to live, comment below so we know you are still with us.

  • Dean Hunt

    back in a moment, gotta clean the vomit off my ankles

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  • Agent 001

    The second video is bullshit. How can they put this crap? They say enjoy and have fun but hey seem to be laughing forcefully. It doesn’t even look like a party in any way.

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  • John K

    That windows party is hosted by the Stepford Wives?
    Thanks for showing it.
    Now I know what brainwashing looks like.
    Or was it shock therapy,Ritalin?
    WHY take 6 minutes to say one sentence?
    Bloatware and now Bloatvideo!
    Now I am convinced I will stay with Linux Ubuntu.

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  • Dean Hunt

    John K, I agree, awful, awful video.

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  • alan

    awww :( no credit for finding it!

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  • Renegade Conservatory Guy

    I have to disagree with you on this one. I found the first video far too happy, and as I’ve never heard of either Oprah Winfrey or the Black Eyed Beans I really couldn’t connect with it.

    However, I thought the acting in the Windows 7 Host Party had a gritty realism that you don’t normally see in viral videos. I was gripped and I’ve played it back a few times now. I’ve shown it to my kids and they agree that it’s very well produced.

    In fact, I’m so impressed I’m thinking about hosting my own party, but not about Windows 7 – uPVC windows instead.

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  • Dean Hunt

    RCG, haha… I believe you ;-)

    Can I be invited to the party, I promise that this time I wont get drunk and dance like an idiot.

    Oh the memories.

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  • Tristen Royal

    I thought the second video was awesome, and I’m def gonna be upgrading to windows 7. I’ll be having a party as well. I love when the nerdy guy try’s to say something and they all team up against him and say “Duhh!” and he gives that pathetic little ‘I hate myself smile’… Ahh anyways great video.

    P.S- Now we all know you have a soft spot for the “Black Eyed Peas”

    -Tristen R. Royal

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  • chandan

    Thats one is really nice video, I enjoy this video.

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  • Tammy

    Dean, i failed. I got 2 minutes into it and i wanted to poke my own eyes out!
    However… clever marketing stunt? possibly…

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  • Renegade Conservatory Guy

    As long as you tie balloons to your bottom as well…

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  • Gary Bloomer

    Now I know why I gave up my dream to work as an advertising copywriter.
    I particularly liked the dubbed voice over about calling customer service.
    .-= Gary Bloomer´s last blog ..Need to find your mojo? Just in case you missed it, here’s… =-.

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