Never Up Never In


I can hear thousands of people saying “that’s what she said” as they read this…. (you cheeky readers)…


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Here is the thing though… I used to play a LOT of golf, I was even trained by some PGA professionals, and they always had a saying when it came to the art of putting… “Never up, Never in”.

What they meant by this was that if you didn’t take a risk and hit the golf ball hard enough so that it at least reached the hole, then you stood ZERO chance of making the shot.

In fact, they would say that it was better to over hit the shot by 3 feet, than to leave it 1 inch short.

Even if you planned everything, prepared perfectly, and had the EXACT aim… you still had zero chance of success unless you reached the hole.

I believe that “never up, never in” applies to business and life too… if you don’t go for something with sufficient force, then you stand little chance of success.

So next time you are in fear, or have a big opportunity, remember… never up, never in.

Go make your shot.


  • Simon Crabb

    We have a similar saying in the radio controlled world – go big or go home.  Basically saying if you don’t take the risks you won’t win anything.

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