A True Networking Mistake


This is a short and true story I experienced recently… what are your thoughts on this?

  • Tricia Evans

    Couldn’t agree more Dean. I like to do business with authentic & genuine people, & tune out totally from people who aren’t. Tricia (Dubai)

  • http://www.profitaddiction.com Profit Addiction


    I agree with how you feel. It’s similar to a post I read at another blog this week – Having someone do your networking seems to be on the same level as NOT giving a thank-you to someone who helped further your business directly (got you an interview, letter of recommendation, etc.)

    It’s not difficult to do either, and if you cannot make a meeting/event, simply email those who you planned to talk to or wait until the next time.
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  • http://danielmeade.net Daniel Meade

    I think it all depends on the nature of the event/occasion you are networking at, along with the size/type of business you are in. For instance, I would always network personally with individuals if they are a contact that a personal relationship is needed, the same goes if running a small company, it would be myself and only myself representing my company when networking. However, if my company was a medium or large sized business and the people/organisation I am wanting to network with are not of a great significance or is only a representative of that organisation then it may be beneficial to send a representative of my own.

  • http://www.leisuretimebiz.com Angus Fraser

    As still very much in the learning phase of my Internet Marketing life (e.g. still in the first year & with a job – or would if I could get one on my return to the UK from Dubai!), then I enjoy meeting the leaders of the industry at events, as the advise & tips are invaluable. The presence of these “gurus” at events is absolutely essential for us to relate to as human beings & give us encouragement to achieve the same by taking action. Just returned from two events over the last two weekends, which were my first in the UK, & networked with as many people as possible, including those who I had met before in Dubai, e.g. a certain Dean Hunt! These will be the people who I network with as colleagues, or follow as gurus, & not those who I have no relationship with (or who have not attempted to have a relationship with me).

  • http://www.JackiePurnell.com Jackie

    Smacks of massive Ego to me.

    There’s one problem with being too good for the people who put you where you are, you are sure to meet them on your way back down, and people have good memories when it comes to things like this.

    I’m with you Dean =)
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  • http://www.insynrg.com Belinda Faulkner

    Funny I just got approached by a networking company who do networking for you at events. I didn’t actually believe people used it and now you tell me you’ve encountered it. I agree Dean – if you can’t even be bothered to come here in person – I don’t think I could be bothered to work with you.

    So Dean can we expect a body double to show for you at FWF2 – Australia is such a long way to travel
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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt

    Belinda, I will be in Australia for FWF2 for sure. See you there ;-)
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  • http://www.webuildyourblog.com Andrew

    I totally agree with you. It’s best to do business with the real person or the real deal rather than a proxy or a dummy. It’s just a waste of time and energy if you’ll just be talking with the fake one.

  • http://myorthodonticinsurance.com/ Darren Cruz

    There are lot of shady people out there who are fakes. Better do it with a genuine and authentic people.
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  • http://realeasyinternetmarketing.com/ Chris Hunt

    For me it would depend on who they sent…

    …if they sent someone with stature and status I wouldn’t find it repellent.


    There’s the element of intent – would have to be there to get a feel for it in IMHO.
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  • http://makemoneyonthenettips.com/ Jim Hill

    You just have to be vigilant in your dealings. Mistakes can be avoided. But who knows, even the most vigilant people gets scorned.
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