NET Year’s Resolution


Over the next couple of weeks there will be one question that I will be asked over and over again……. “How are you Dean?

But it is probable that the question I get asked the second most will be “Dean, what are your new year’s resolutions for 2007?

Every year I make a new year’s resolution and I have usually broken it by mid-January. :(

This year I have spent a LOT of my time on the Internet, I am either working online, learning new skills online, reading forums online, watching videos online etc…

So I think that it would make more sense for me to do a NET year’s resolution for 2007.

Basically this means I will be setting myself Internet related goals as opposed to things like losing weight, learning French, Joining a gym, quitting smoking etc…

Also, I am underweight, I don’t smoke and am not a big fan of the French, so the above is not very interesting for me anyway!

So I invite you to join me and post your NET year’s resolution here in this post.

It HAS to be Internet related, but other than that there are no rules.

My NET year’s resololution is going to be to never use the pc after 8pm. This year I have been known to do 16+ hour days online, and as a result my eyes have been very sore and I now wear glasses whilst using the PC. So in 2007 I will not be using the computer after 8pm.

What is your NET year’s resolution?

  • AureN

    And I’m going to do everything I want to do. ;)

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  • Matt Harwood

    To get help for / just stop checking my email every 5 minutes, and actually trust that my email client will alert me when new mails arrive.

    ‘What the hell? Surely I must have a new email! It lies!’ *Send/Receive*

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  • Dave

    My NET year’s resolution will be 1280×1024, I went with 800×600 last year, but it left me feeling too cramped.

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  • Dean Hunt

    Nice one Dave,

    I was wondering who was going to be first to use that joke.


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  • Diego

    Not using the comptuer after 8pm??? When will you play WoW then???

    PS: I wrote you an email last week (was in spanish, I guessed you speak spanish since you live in Madrid).

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  • Dean Hunt


    I have not replied to all my e-mails yet.

    Also, I dont play WoW!

    I have considered buying WoW, but I will probably get even less work done. ;-)


    PS: Hablo español tambien, pero prefiero inglés.

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  • andy hill

    most of my best work is done after 8pm… (after midnite in fact)

    NET resolutions seem like a good idea – perhaps i’ll resolve just to spend less time in the PC, at least before 8pm

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  • Nadeem (

    Good luck with your resolution Dean! I hope you manage to stick to it.

    I think it’s not healthy for anybody to spend too much time on the computer. I spend a lot of time online too, but I believe it has been well worth it: my websites have grown leaps and bounds in 2006, and hopefully next year they’ll continue to make more and more $$$$ ;)

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