My Video Debut


I was asked to provide a short video for my buddies site at for young entrepreneurs.

So I racked my brain sack, and thought of the one mistake I see people making over and over again.

Prepare yourself for my video debut (blush)

Would love your thoughts.

PS: Yes, I need a shave and a haircut.

PPS: Yes, I have a giant canvas on my wall of my killer bunnies (courtesy of

  • Daiv Russell

    Great points of changing your mentality to embrace success.

    Are you standing on a rocking chair? I think I’m going to be seasick.

    I think a tripod might help tremendously.

    - Daiv

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  • Dean Hunt


    Many thanks.

    haha, I have a tripod, but as you can tell, I DIDN’T use it.

    I wanted to try and do it off the cuff. No script, no preparation, lighting, sorting my hair etc..


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  • georgeb

    I like the video.
    The advice was excellent.
    Perseverance is the key.
    P.S. nice backdrop, I need a shave and haircut much worse.

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  • Dean Hunt

    Thanks George,

    Much appreciated.


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  • cy

    hey Dean..

    Look like you are well prepared for public speaking huh..

    anyway, as Daiv said, a tripod may be helpful.


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  • Jack Humphrey

    It had to happen sooner or later. Talk about patience! Been waiting for you to get off your bum and talk to people on video for decades. :)

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  • Rajaie AlKorani

    Great advice, Dean. I loved the video (especially the killer bunnies).

    Most people just start off thinking that they’re big idea is going to take off right off the bat. What they don’t know is that all the successful businesses that exist took a LOT of time and patience to build up.


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  • Barry

    Great video Dean — but then you know I think that already.

    Really, I wish my video debut was even half as good as that mate — it is the business!!

    And now you started, you know we will be expecting to see these at least weekly ;-)


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  • Sean McPheat

    The Dean Hunt Cherry Is Well And Truly Popped!

    Well done Dean.

    How does it compare to that all important cherry pop?!!


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  • Dean Hunt


    Scary, ended in under 3 mins, pretty much identical really ;-)

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  • Nathan Gidler

    Hey Dean,

    I think doing these types of videos will go a long way towards making you more comfortable during your presentation next month.

    The advice you gave is important for people new to getting a site off the ground and running profitably. Sticking with it is THE biggest issue.

    Thanks for the Needles in Haystacks series too, I look forward to more of those posts.


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  • Sean McPheat

    Quality – and that 3 minutes included a well deserved smoke too!

    Tee hee!


    Follow me at:

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  • Renegade Conservatory Guy

    Hi Dean

    Great video – I should do this, but I’m more nervous than you with this type of stuff.

    Btw…remember the idea we discussed in LA (about racing) – still haven’t done it yet! It’s the next big thing, and I’m still selling double glazing…


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  • Ardit @ Blog for Bloggers

    Dude, awesome advise. I needed it cause I get tiered of things if I don’t see quick progress and just give up on it.

    ps I suggest a tripod too
    pps nice wall

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  • Sandy

    I guess if a young wipper snapper like you can do a video then this old girl should be able to do it too.

    I must tell you that you constantly challenge me to improve…



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  • Kath Ibbetson

    Hi Dean
    Have been follwing you for a while and the northern accent makes me feel so at home.
    Anyway, brilliant way to look at it as so many people want a get rich quick solution but even after 2 weeks in your scenario you only have $82 which insnt much when week 3 is 10,000

    Of course it would be an amazing business if it continued to double every day but the lesson is a good one to be patient and not give up.
    Yours inspired

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  • http://www, Aaron

    Thanks for that tip Dean.

    The tone of your voice and humility is obvious and appreciated.

    Your genuine desire to save people from suffering is palpable.


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  • Teresa

    Dean Great Job !

    You are exactly right to do the video off the cuff as you say. I did a couple of videos for Affiliate Summit’s mentor program, and found myself apologizing for all the “and sooo” “uhh” and other pauses. Shawn Collins from Affiliate Summit told me not to worry, that it makes it more real and is just how people really talk. Like Gary Vaynerchuk says, be yourself, if you are the dude who collects comic books, be that dude, and do it well, be proud of who you are and people can relate.

    And the message you gave is the one I have heard so many times in this business, patience! to add to that another message, if you fail at one idea, get back up and try something else. failing is not always a bad thing, it is a learning thing.

    Good luck in Washington next month, wish I could go and watch your presentation.

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  • Victor

    I like coctails in an island.
    Thansk for the tips of patients. I think that consistently acctions, little acctions all days gives you the succes you want.
    exraordinary day.

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  • Dan Gorgone

    Hey Dean, great message and to the point. Good advice for anyone starting anything really if you put it in relative terms. If you’re starting a new blog and you manage to double your readers every day, or a podcast where you could double your listeners every day, anyone would kill for those types of results.

    I started a parenting podcast in May 2005, didn’t expect much, but months later the listeners started arriving in droves. I kept with it, and the numbers have continued to grow… Suffice it to say, you can measure your success in different ways: income, followers, sales, listeners, etc.

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