My Moral Dilemma


If you haven’t already read my picking up girls with Facebook post, please read it first…

Ok, so it is day two of my Facebook “Hunt for Hunt” dating experiment, and things are going pretty well thus far.

However, I have a moral dilemma…

One of the main areas of this process involves contacting people and sending them a message. Seeing as I am a copywriter, I like to make small tweaks, but generally, I send the same first message to each person.

It is only on replies that I personalise them.

So, the entrepreneur and business man in me thought that it may make more sense to outsource this process. Afterall, my time is valuable, and I don’t fancy spending two hours each night sending messages.

But this is my dilemma… is it immoral to do this?

Should I really be hiring people to get my dates?

The first response is written by me in advance, and is very much in my style of personality, so they are my words. But do you see anything wrong with this?

Answer in the comments form with either: MORAL, or IMMORAL



PS: I will be updating my progress tomorrow ;-)

  • David at

    Moral – 100%

    All the big stars get their minnions to do a vetting process on potential “dates” and as you said, your time is precious so of course there is nothing wrong with outsourcing Facebook stalking :-)

    Looking forward to the next installment!


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  • Matt

    MORAL, but you should outsource it to me, because I already spend two hours a night on facebook and that would force me to do something productive with that time. Instead of facebook-stalking people for myself and I could harness my stalking power for good use.

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  • Sterling

    If you have a template for a VA to send your first email and it is something you wrote about yourself, I don’t see the issue. Sooner or later you will possibly meet these ladies and as long as you don’t hire a sexy model guy to go in your stead, I think you’ll be all good.

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  • Jon

    IMMORAL. It sounds good in context but if you think about it the guy where you outsource the work to can actually claim the message as his own and get more girls than you. When it comes to getting girls guys can be selfish. Seriously, if someone would outsource this task to you, thinking that this will benefit another guy, would you do it? If you do, then you must be a virgin. And David, I don’t think stars do a vetting process to find dates, “dates” find them, if not then it means they’re not that big of a star. :p

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  • Jesse

    If I had to choose, I would say IMMORAL, though I think it is much deeper than that. Having other people do your conversing with others in your stead shows little respect or consideration for the person on the other side of a screen. Plus doing this in the name of “science and research” seems kind of cold. Do you have any intentions on following up with someone? Playing with someone’s heart is one of the worst things you can do to them.
    I tried an online dating site once, and then regretted afterwards. Yes, I met some great people, but everything is built on pretense and won’t last once interest drops off. I’m a strong proponent of developing a friendship relationship with people before even considering a relationship with them. Then there are no broken promises, nobody’s selling anything so you get to know who they really are, and you can know before a relationship whether or not this could be someone you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with. I would advise against it.

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  • j

    MORAL. Now tell me where to find someone to do the same for me ;-)

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