Sorting My Loose Ends


This blog was hacked recently and I have a habit of starting something and then not updating you guys about the progress, so here is a quick update:

I contacted some friends last night, and after numerous hours of searching and hard work, they have removed the offending text. It turns out that they WERE spam links, so no wonder my rankings have plummeted recently.

We are going to be tightening security over the coming days, and I will aim to do a full report on how they hacked me, how it was fixed, and even the cool tool my friend has made to check your sites.

We will do that post in the next week.

My Twitter Experiment

My twitter experiment was delayed due to personal reasons, but I have been using twitter on and off, and I will be posting my thoughts in a roundup post in the next couple of weeks.

Killer Bunny Song

Many of you emailed me wanting to know the story behind the Killer Bunny song… so here goes: I was looking into creating a series of short marketing and business advice videos, all of which would be based around a Killer Bunny… a friend found out about this, and sent me a cool little riddle. From that a song was made, and it was from the awesome Joanne Masterson from

She is really talented, and it can really boost your brand to get a song made, so why not contact her today and see what she has to offer.

Membership site/Book

We have had some major delays with this, due to the banks/credit card companies (long story), but we are still working on it, and all is ready to go at our end.

Ok, so that is some loose ends wrapped up, if I have missed anything, let me know.

A proper blog post will be online soon ;-)

  • Paul

    Hey, whats the date for the membership site so that I can put money aside. Also, how much will it be roughly per month.

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  • Dean Hunt

    We don’t have a set date yet at the moment, we are still waiting for the credit card companies.

    I will keep you informed though, and in the meentime, make sure you are on the list at

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  • Dean Hunt

    Ref cost, it will be a lot less than it should be. $99 per month is the norm in this industry, but I can assure you it will be less than half of that. ;-)

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  • Joanne Masterson

    Aw, Dean,
    Thanks for plugging my little business. Hey, I’m thinking of branching into rap, so let me know if you want to woo any of your Facebook friends with a groove….

    Cheers, things will only get better…


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