My London Seminar Experience – Part One


Regular readers will know that last week I went to London for a few days for a seminar.

Now, the issue here is that by telling you the name of the seminar I will most likely get into a lot of trouble, be banned from said seminar in future and get some nasty emails…

but when has that ever stopped me dishing the dirt?

The seminar was called “Money Masters” and it was hosted by the Financial Freedom Institute.

At this point I would normally summarise the purpose or target audience of the event, but this leads me straight to issue number one: there was no focus

Is it for online people? yes Is it for offline people? yes

Is it for people who already have money? yes For skint people? yes

Is it for people into real estate? yes, finance, yes? stocks and shares? yes,

Is it for depressed people in mountains of debt who are looking for a get quick fix solution to the shambles they call life? YES, YES, YES.

Despite reading numerous sales letters, and attending the event, I still don’t know who the target audience are. My guess is that they want as many desperate people as possible, but then just decided to attract all the other people to ensure that the event at least retained some element of *cough* class.

Now, you may be thinking, but Dean, you make a lot of money online and are the net’s leading buzz marketing consultant, why would you go to such an event?

Good question.

1) It is always good to keep your finger on the pulse. I met a guy in May who makes over $180 million per year, yet he still goes to all of these events and buys virtually every major ebook on the market.

2) I thought that there may have been some other big money entrepreneurs which I could mingle with.

3) I wanted to see exactly how these people promote their products, so I could use some of their techniques for future products of my own.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am now going to show you how to really annoy someone who was traveling most of the previous day, who has had little sleep, and who has set his alarm bright and early in order to be at the seminar at the exact time required.

Would you like to know how they did this?

They mentioned that it was starting at 8am, so I got there at 5 to 8, then they made us fill in a form, gave us a name badge and said “ok, come back in 90 minutes”.


You have no idea how tired I was. 90 mins more I could have stayed in my utterly uncomfortable bed for.

Not a good start, but surely it will be uphill from here….

Wont it?

  • Chuck

    When they told you to come back in 90 minutes you should have looked like you were going into a steroid rage–slammed one of their heads down into the table, then picked up a chair and hit another one over the head.

    Then you look around angrily till you find the man who is in charge and you pick him up over your head and body slam him onto a nearby table(breaking the table) and follow that with the sleeper hold or figure 4 leg lock till they decide to go ahead and start right now.

    Sometimes acting out your inner feelings is a powerful negotiating tactic.

    Actually I really just wanted to ask what type of businesses the guy who makes a 180 mil a year was involved in. Now don’t make me put you in a Tongan death grip.

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  • Andrew Cornell

    I attended this seminar at it was unbelievable. I have applied most things I have learnt from Dean Hunt’s marketing strategies to my website and the Seminar was definitly worthwhile.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Are you sure you went to the same seminar as me? ;-)

    I am not sure “unbelievable” is the word I would have used.


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