My London Seminar Experience Part 2


A few weeks ago I went to London for a Money Masters seminar.

It was an interesting experience, so today I will share some more of my opinions of the event, and some of the things we were taught.

I just don’t get it

Firstly, I should point out that I am not really a seminar kind of person, nor do I buy into this culture, however, I went to this event to see how they promoted their products etc…

My only previous experience with this sort of thing was when I went to Washington in May and spent time in a highly exclusive group that contained many of the biggest names in the industry, some of which were 100+ million earners.

So it is fair to say that my standards were pretty high prior to London, but I soon learned that I had been spoiled in America, as this was very different in every aspect.


Firstly, it was free, as a rule of thumb… NEVER go to a seminar or event that is free. It will be a pitch-fest.

Secondly, the types of people at this event were very different. In America I felt totally overwhelmed, I was surrounded by the best of the best… but without being rude, a lot of the people in London seemed a little…. desperate.

Patronising – (Patronising means to treat someone with a lower level of knowledge than yourself ;-) )

Another issue I had with the London event was the high level of patronising that they used. The speakers spoke as if they were talking to young kids, and every other sentence involved us having to raise our hands in the air…

“hands in the air if you want to make lots of money”

“hands in the air if you know how to be a leader”

“hands in the air if you understand what Google is”


Needless to say my hand stayed firmly planted all weekend.

Fatal Error

Here is what NOT to do when you are hosting one of these events:

If you have invited people from all over the world for a weekend event, many of whom have fulltime jobs that they need to return to on Monday… do NOT decide to add an extra day to the event and announce this halfway through the first day.

Can you believe this?

The worst part is that I believe it was planned from day one. Why not announce it earlier?

I flew from Madrid, paid for a hotel etc… how am I supposed to change all of that at the last minute?

What is worse… they actively told people who had to be at work on Monday to NOT turn up. This is stupid, unprofessional and dangerous.

Any Positives?

So, where there any positives to this event?

Yes, there were a few. Firstly, I spent some time with Michael from which is always fun. I also learned a few things about promoting products.

The first speaker said something that I quite liked, he said: “If you haven’t had someone take you under their wing, then find a wing and crawl under it

He was talking about the power of a good mentor. Most 7 figure earners that I know have had at least one major mentor in their lives.

Another nice piece of life advice was this: “Living in the past is like driving a car using the rear mirror” I thought that was very true, and quite powerful.

Pension Time 

Here is a weird thing that I didn’t expect… I noticed that at least 50% of the people at the event were over 50. One guy said that after World War 2 there was a huge boom in people having babies, these people are now approaching retirement and are realising that they don’t have the nest egg they were hoping for. So they are having one last stab at making some cash.

Hint: If I had the time, I would actively target this age group

The real meaning of the word “no” 

I will finish with another interesting piece of wisdom… one speaker said this: “No is not a knockback, it is feedback!

If you are thinking of going to one of these events, I would avoid any free ones, you will likely pay much more in the longterm, so go for the better ones. Also, the real value in these events is in the networking, so make sure you mingle and take as many business cards as possible.