My Biggest EVER Source of Traffic


I am often asked what my biggest source of traffic is… so today I am going to share with you the source of the most consistent and largest provider of FREE traffic to in the past 12 months.


It is not

It is not

It is not or any search engine

It is not from other blogs and mentions in A-lister websites


Hold on to your hats…. the source that has sent me over 338,000 unique visitors in the past 12 months is….


Without doubt I am almost always getting traffic from Stumbleupon, some days just a hundred or so visitors, others I have had over 30,000 in one day, and I do the same for all the sites I write for.

I took this traffic for granted, until a friend saw my stats and wanted to know how to do the same.

So here is the thing, I have added a special chapter to my up coming book “Web Traffic Orgasm” entitled “StumbleUpon Exploits”.

But here is the best part…. I found a page at Stumbleupon that shows the “Official top Stumblers”.

What does this mean?

It means out of the 4 million users, these 30 or so users are the most powerful on the site.

So guess what I did?!?

Yep, I interviewed them. 14 of them to be precise, and there are more on the way.

I honestly believe that this is some of the most valuable content on the net, it would be like getting the Google SEO engineers in a room for an interview, it really is a very rare insight into how these people think.

Remember, if you can make content that appeals to StumbleUpon users then it will also appeal to Digg users, Bloggers, newspaper editors etc… there are so many global consistencies.

These experts share things like:

* What they look for in good content

* What will make them ignore your site

* What type of content they like to vote for

* Their thoughts on Linkbaiting

* How they got to be top 30 out of 4 million

* A bucket load more….

Only $477 for the first 20 people

Would you be interested in these 14 interviews for $477? I would! But you know me well enough to know I wouldn’t charge you guys. I published all 14 interviews at in the Online Marketing category of the site, go and read them for free, digest the info, and make an action plan to create content that will appeal to these sorts of people.

Also, I have compiled all the interviews into one PDF package and arranged for free downloads for all of you. Simply click the image below for a FREE box set of the interviews.

If you don’t take advantage of this then frankly you are an idiot! Sorry, it had to be said. Oh, and it is free, so no excuses.

Grab the Full 14 Interview Box set Now!

Completely FREE to Your Inbox

Click the image below for your FREE interviews

  • Michael Dunlop

    Looks really cool, reading the interviews now!

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  • mary


    Looks good, I’m looking forward to reading this.


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  • andrew goulding

    Dean, thanks so much for those interviews. I’ve lapped them up, read them twice and hope to put a Stumbleupon campaign in place over the next few days.


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