Marketing In Your Day to Day Life


Many people believe that Marketing is some geeky, slimy term that has no real world value outside of a boardroom. The reality however is far different, as my good friend Andrew Lock says: “Marketing is everything and everything is marketing”.

As you may know, I am using my marketing skills to pickup girls via facebook I also used it to gain power over my local golf course.

Yesterday my marketing skills were once again put into action in a real-world, day-to-day example, the results were incredible. 

Want to know more?

Here is the story…

My appartment building has a notice board in the lobby, now, for most people this is of no value, but for a marketer like me, it is a free way of getting a message out to local people.

I spoke to my conscierge about this notice board, and he said that I was welcome to use it, but he also warned me that most people ignore it, and he is yet to see someone get results from it.

I took this as a challenge, and what’s more, I needed to find someone to help control the huge amount of paperwork that is building up.

So I grabbed an A4 piece of paper, a red and black marker, and wrote the following:

Are You Organised?

Are you well organised, systematical, good with numbers and have a very basic knowledge of accounting?

Organised person needed to help control my weekly paperwork, receipts and business invoices.

Just one hour per week required.

May lead to more hours for the right person.

An excellent opportunity to earn some extra beer money for a fraction of your time.

Contact me right now on: xxxxxxxx or email me at: xxxxxxxxx

This position will be filled by the end of the week, so take out your phone and call now.

Many thanks,


PS: There may or may not be a free glass of wine if you are chosen ;-)


As you can see, I added humour into the ad, and made it stand out with a bright red font as the heading. I also wrote the majority in second person, to give the impression I was talking directly to the reader.

I posted it, and thought nothing more, until 8:42am this morning (only 14 hours after posting it), where I got a phone call on my mobile from a lady who was keen to help me out, and what’s more, she is super-qualified to do so. :-)

So it just goes to show, marketing (and copywriting) are skills that you can use in your every day life, if mastered, you can become a modern-day super hero, picking up girls, getting the best jobs, standing out in society.

There are many signs on the notice board that were here when I arrived two months ago, it took me 14 hours to close a deal with it. 

So heres to marketing, changing your world, one notice board message at a time.


PS: Next week I am going to use the board to organise a “All The Cool People Live On The 4th Floor PARTY“. That should grab some interest and controversy ;-)