Marketing Gone Wrong


Last night I blew the dust off my super bumper book of marketing techniques for dummies. I am going to attempt every technique in the book and then just sit back and watch the hits roll in.

This weeks marketing tip:

Controversy is a great way to promote your site. It gets people talking about your site and linking to it etc…

So with that in mind:

People who work in the world of ‘Headhunting’ (i.e. people who search for great employees to do higher profile jobs that they wish they could do) always secretly wish that one day they will be headhunted themselves. So they should too, every last one of them until they’re extinct.

Ladies, if you have been sleeping with a man for more than three months but have met none of his friends then you are not his girlfriend and are not likely to become so.

A tattoo written in Chinese lettering is more likely to say “shit on my hand” than “everlasting peace”

Men over 35
Men who are over 35 and still think that rock music can save the world are a serious embarrassment to themselves and their loved ones

ok, that should be enough to get the ball rolling. Now I will just sit back and wait for the millions of hits. ;)