How-to Lose Your Job on Facebook in One Easy Step


This is the funniest thing I have seen in ages:

Thanks to Matt for finding this.

  • Tammy


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  • Darren Scott Monroe

    WOW!!!! LOL!

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  • Leeds Magician

    Hahaha! Reminded me of this:

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  • Julio

    Hey Dean,

    Awesome Find, the Power of Social Media, can either work for you or against you.

    Everything that mention online can be tracked back and you have to watch what you say.

    But yes, it is a Wow situation here.

    Hope you all the best,


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  • Sean Morrissy

    haha, pure gold.

    Probably not the best move hiring someone like that in the first place :)


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  • K

    How did the boss know she wasn’t talking about her other job? ;)

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  • Dean Hunt


    What other job?

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  • Michelle Crofts

    Hi Dean,

    That is a lot of retweets :)

    Funny stuff – but torn between laughing along with the boss man and cringing for the girl.

    I think K means the girl should claim she was talking about a boss at a 2nd job – good idea. I would have to go with that to reduce the humiliation a little if it were me – respond to his comment saying you were talking about the manager at the bar you work nights at. Hmm. Might possibly work!

    Wonder if the girl actually kept her Facebook page online after that?

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  • Bob Jones

    Saw it on Twitter. Was nearly pissing myself laughing.

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  • evenflowdave


    how i would have loved to see her face when she realised what she’d done. her stomach must have dropped through the floorboards.

    excellent find!

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  • Tyrone | Millionaire Acts

    Hi Dean, this is hilarious!!!!

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  • Cara Bikin blog

    Better we don;t do that.

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  • ebele

    Oh dear.

    Poor cookie.

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  • Victor

    It’s good! This one is even better:

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  • Anthony

    If you are stupid offline, you are stupid online.

    I show this to people all the time!

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  • Maddii

    What do you expect?

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