Life and Work Update


The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences of life on the net and life in Madrid. So this post will be an update of what has been going on over the past few days.


From a work perspective things are looking very interesting at the moment. I have found a developer who claims to be able to do everything I throw at him and I have an investor that may be interested in funding a large project.
If the investor is on-board then I will get an exact quote from the developer this weekend and we can go from there. I can’t share the details of the project just yet, but I will keep you informed in the near future.

The developer also told me that his team are working on an advanced affiliate platform…. they are going to show me a demo this Friday and I may be launching a few niche affiliate stores in the not so distant future…. so merchants feel free to contact me at: contact@deanhunt DOT com

During the day I am still doing my freelance work/consulting for a guy who runs numerous gambling and adult sites. I am contracted with him until November and with any luck will continue with him into 2007.


On Friday afternoon we went for our usual meal in Madrid with myself, Elena and her uncle (Paco). This week we wanted to go somewhere new, and thus we tried an Argentinian restaurant that turned out to be one of the nicest places I have ever eaten.

It is called “La Vaca Argentina” which literally means “The Argentinian cow”. It is a stylish and expensive place to eat, but if you are ever in Madrid then I strongly urge you to visit it.

There is a meat here called “Solomillo” and it is basically the best and most tender part of the cow. In this restaurant it costs around 20 pounds for this and you literally just get the meat (chips, salad etc is separate). It weighs 250 grams and is very nice. However, there is a similar meat that goes by the name of “Lomo Bajo” which is pretty much the same quality, but it comes with the grease/fat. So for a slight drop in quality and the fact that you have to cut off a bit of fat, you can save around 30-40% of the cost.

So with the above in mind I decided to be a smart ass and order the LARGE Lomo Bajo (500 grams). Despite being twice the size of the Solomillo it worked out at pretty much the same price, and I can safely say it was one of the nicest meals I have ever had.

If you are going to have half a kilo of meat with potatoes and a salad, then I suggest you avoid having a starter. I just about managed to eat the meal and it was another 45 mins before I could even consider ordering a “Cafe con leche” (Coffee with milk).

After the meal we said goodbye to Paco and went to a store called “FNAC”. FNAC is a very famous store in Spain, it sells all sorts of electronics as well as DVDs, Books etc…

The missus has been having problems with her laptop (again), and we went to look at getting a new one for her. Whilst looking she was attracted to the Mac laptops, and I have to admit that I have never really considered a Mac before. They look superb and 15 mins later we were carrying her MacBook to the bus station.

That night we had a play with the Mac and initially she really struggled to get used to it. There were many differences and it was more frustrating than she had imagined.

A couple of hours later she had got to grips with the Mac and we decided to see what the beast could do……

Did we create a complex spreadsheet? compile a statistical presentation? or perhaps write an interesting article about the decline of the textile industry?

NO! we made a comic.

Here are the fruits of our labour:


The original version of this comic is over 3mb in size, so the above is a poor quality version & is in Spanish, but you get the idea.

We then made a black and white photo of ourselves:

The Mac was pretty impressive as a creative tool, but unfortunately we had problems getting it to connect via remote desktop to a company in the States where Elena does her daily work.

We tried a few programs such as virtual pc, but the solution seemed to be to create a partition and use Mac Bootcamp to load windows onto the Mac.

After a weekend of debating she finally decided that it would be better and easier to take back the Mac and just buy a desktop pc. So we did that this afternoon and it arrives on Wednesday.


The house is looking great at the moment. They have started putting the tiles in and it is really coming together nicely. We should be moving in early December of this year, so we are very excited. This week we have to prepare the swimming pool project and no doubt we will have to pay the council tons of cash for all sorts of pointless things that they have no right charging us for (Cabrones!), and we also need to choose our kitchen.


Unless you are interested in the fact that I get bites every time I go to bed and wake up with itchy red spots, or you are interested in the fact that for over a week my tongue has been really sensitive and last night i noticed red spots all over it? then I am afraid I have nothing of great interest to tell you.