Learn Public Speaking By Picking Up Women



I had a wacky thought recently… can you learn the skills required to be a good public speaker by picking up women?

Sounds crazy doesn’t it… but according to experts, the key areas to pickup up women are things like:

  • Body language,
  • Humour,
  • Voice tonality,
  • Inner and Outer Confidence (and a good mindset)

Which is also a similar set of skills required to be a good public speaker.

I decided to look into this further, and recently wrote an article for the hugely popular ChrisBrogan.com

You can read my article here: learning to become a good public speaker (please also leave a comment)

Even if you are happily married, the article shows you how to make your goals and challenges in life as fun and interesting as possible. So there is a lesson for all of us there.



  • http://online-marketing-review.com/ Doug

    In essence, public speaking or any kind of public performance is usually more effective when it is directed at a particular individual.

    As a musical performer, I usually pick a person in the audience and play specifically for them. Likewise in marketing, it tend to be much more effective when the marketing is geared towards a specific persona rather than some generalized entity.

    I think Dean’s article touchs on the idea of personalizing the presentation.

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  • http://www.ampedmedia.com Jonathan

    Wow, that is totally crazy. I never would have thought to relate the two.

    Thinking about it, you are totally correct. Although I don’t believe my wife would appreciate the “practice” too much, I could certainly see how this could better your public speaking.

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  • http://www.connexted.com/products/evil-genius-guide-to-business.htm Craig Dewe

    Cool article… But why didn’t you think of this sooner? It would have been much more fun than going to toastmasters…

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt


    I wasn’t a single, young bachelor when we were in Madrid mate.


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  • http://www.notesfromspain.com Ben

    Public speaking or being a PUA – there is only one way to get good at both, and that’s doing them again and again and again!

    I was terrified of speaking in public before I became an english teacher years ago. Then I had to do it day after day and within no time loved it.

    Haven’t taught english for a while, but still have no problems speaking in public now as a result (well, maybe a few nerves…) So Dean, I reckon you’ve just got to get a few speaking gigs lined up asap.

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  • http://www.mastermindmapper.com/ Fred Miller

    Good points here!

    For more help on public speaking, please see this sight:

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  • http://www.connexted.com/blog/ Craig Dewe


    Well that’s also why you don’t love Madrid as much as me ;)

    I’m still hoping to get over to the UK sooner rather than later so we can work on your public speaking together…

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  • http://www.connexted.com/blog/ Craig Dewe

    Oh and Ben is right…

    That’s one of the main reasons I became an English teacher… to get over my public speaking fears.

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt


    To be fair, I wouldn’t have any issues speaking infront of a small class. Might even enjoy it.


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  • http://www.michaelhenryonline.com Mike Henry

    This is how its been explained to me and it works.

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  • http://www.pickupwomeneasily.com Steve

    I recommend reading “48 laws of power” by robert green for social mastery including the art of seduction :0)

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