Is It Possible to Profit from Being Lazy?


mustard geese are sexy

Hey, why are you not working?

Get back to work before your boss catches you reading this.

Ok, ok, stay for a few minutes, and then back to work… deal?

Let’s start this off with a question: Wouldn’t it be cool if you got paid for doing all the stuff you do when you should be doing something else?

Distractions, hobbies, passions, things that grab your attention… what if you were able to spend all your day doing whatever took your fancy, with zero guilt, zero deadlines, and you got paid money to do it.

Here is the thing… it is possible.

The secret to unlocking this, is called…. blogging.

You see, providing you document, discuss, ramble, rant, review, advise and share your distractions, hobbies and guilty pleasures with the world, you can get paid for doing them.

These ‘passion profits’, ‘distraction dollars’, ‘lazy libras’ are available to anyone.

If for a purely hypothetical example: you like rubbing mustard into your bare skin and having wild geese peck out the seeds (who doesn’t?), there are probably other people out there that feel the same… and they would love to read about your experiences.

Get enough mustardy eye-balls to read your blog and guess what?

Suddenly, ‘Sexy Mustard Inc’ will be knocking down your digital door offering you advertising money.

So from now on, I plan to re-ignite and re-direct this blog… so prepare to hear tales of couch surfing, video games, tech, comedy, food, personal development experiments, general ramblings and rants and more.

The future is bright my friends, stay tuned.

Question: What are your favourite passions, hobbies, distractions and guilty pleasures?


PS: Does anyone know how to safely eject a goose from a bathroom? If so, email me at

PPS: That email address doesn’t really exist, t’was merely put there for comedic effect and general shenanigans.

  • Diane

    I don’t know how to get a goose out of the bathroom but I did rescue a bird from my greenhouse first thing!

    My fault for it being in there as I’d kicked the cats out via the french doors and then noticed some panicking bird in the tomatoes.

    Rather than have three cats hunting down the poor thing I tried to shoo it out. That failed and I had to go in and pick it up and take it outside. It squawked at me and then flew away when I put it on the hanging basket!

    But geese? Got very little experience with them! :)
    .-= Diane´s last blog ..Price reductions at Playcom =-.

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  • Dean Hunt


    This is quickly becoming the most strange discussion I have ever had… and that’s saying something ;-)

    Speak soon.


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  • Alan

    Thats easy…..

    just get a plumber to take a Gander !
    .-= Alan´s last blog ..Expo AV Perth Western Australia =-.

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  • Dean Hunt


    haha, genius!

    Tip of the cap to you.


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  • Kishore Dharmarajan

    As usual Dean is here at his buzzy, orgasmic best. I guess you could pepper the stuff (maybe more flesh for the goose), with more examples.

    On another note, I’d also love to hear more dean shenanigans on pivotal moments – something like what tony robbins inspires us to do. just a thought.

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  • Miri

    Damn Damn Damn! I can’t beleive I am so gullible! I would have replied to that email address. I did the same thing on April Fools day.. thought that you wanted to sell your blog… sigh… there is truly no hope for me.

    Love your work Dean.

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  • Jean

    Just another reason I keep visiting Dean on a daily basis. Makes this whole internet marketing rollercoaster ever so more enjoyable

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  • Melvin

    Well Dean, I got caught by my boss and he now banned this site in our office. =p
    .-= Melvin´s last blog ..Making Money Isn’t Really Hard- It’s Just a Lot of Hard Work =-.

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