La Comida Buena


I haven’t updated the blog for a while and that is due to two reasons:

1) I have been very busy working on the Deano’s Den project
2) I have been eating loads

I will be giving a detailed update of where I am with the Deano’s project in the next few days, but for now I will concentrate on the food aspect of life, or as the title of this article suggests (La Comida Buena).

It has been quite a frantic few days for my stomach! on Friday I went to Madrid to get my residency card. However, I decided against spending 5 hours in a queue with thousands of Romanians, so instead myself and the missus met-up with her uncle (Paco).

We went to a few bars and had a few drinks and a chat instead.

Then after the drinks we went to a new restaurant called “Mezklum Tech Restaurant”. If I knew more/cared more I would tell you how it was created by a famous designer and how you can eat your meal whilst in one of their beds. I could also tell you that the toilets are more impressive than most English restaurants, and probably cost more as well! I could even tell you that no matter where you look there is a huge plasma tv (including the toilets), but I will focus on the food.

The food is pretty damn impressive! if you are ever in Madrid then it may be worth a visit (Especially if you are here on business).

The food is very modern and is some of the most impressive food I have seen! The prices are pretty expensive, but it is worth the cash.

For starters I had a spicy pasta dish that was hotter than many of the curries I have ever had! My main meal was a posh version of lamb chops with potatoes and apple sauce, then for desert I had this: my desert. Elena had this for her desert.

I didn’t know whether to take photos of the food or to eat it, so in the end i did both ;)

Today we went to a restaurant here in the town of Navalcarnero. It was equally expensive, but not on the same level as the Tech Restaurant! It was an enjoyable afternoon, but that was more due to the company of Elenas family than the food.

I am sure you are not really interested in what I have been eating, so over the next few days I will explain what I have been up to from a work perspective for the past 10 days.

Stay tuned.


p.s I also ate Octopus this afternoon. It wasn’t as bad as I expected! actually, I quite liked it!