Killer Bunny Song


Check out this Killer Bunny Song below…

Want to know why on earth there is a killer bunny song?

I will reveal all when I return from The States, so stay tuned.

All together now… killer bunny oh yeah. hehe

Full lyrics below:

See him hopping down the street

Fuzzy tail and stubby feet

Girls will kiss him on the head

But look him in the eyes and you’ll be dead

Killer bunny, yeah…

Don’t fall for his mind control

He’ll get you body mind and soul

Money flies at his command

Into his little bunny hand

Killer bunny…

He and Dean Hunt are best friends

They know the means to reach the end

An Irresistible surprise

You’re going to get one between the eyes

Killer bunny…

  • Dean Hunt

    Killer bunny oh yeah….

    hehe. :-)

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  • Sly from SlyVisions dot Com

    Haha. Nice song!

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  • Joanne Masterson

    Hey, aren’t you going to say who that rock star is???

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  • Dean Hunt


    Of course I am ;-)

    Don’t worry, stay tuned.


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  • big jason

    where can I get the cd? piggly wiggly wants one

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