The Single Most Important Key to Success


What is the single most important key to success?

Below is a video of me in Dubai with my good friend Ernesto Verdugo (who just had a baby), and this is one of the questions he asked me.

(Note: We were on a luxury boat in Dubai at the time, and the wind is pretty strong, so I hope you can hear it ok)

I also share a little of how I got started… and as I said in the video, this blog was initially just a way for me to get my thoughts and ideas onto paper (virtual paper)… I didn’t really have any plans to make it popular at the time.

Hope you enjoy it.

I would love to hear your feedback.


PS: “The world’s most influential blogger” haha ;-)

  • Andreas

    Love the music at the end, that was the most unexpected, my favorite bit!

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  • Dean Hunt

    haha, yes, the music is awesome.

    I am speaking in Dubai again this year. Will keep you informed.

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  • Rory

    Seriously! The music is awesome… More killer bunnies dancing to that cool music.


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  • Ernesto Verdugo

    You can also play “spot the hidden internet guru” on the video :-)


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  • Renegade Conservatory Guy


    You change your accent when you’re on camera. I’d develop the Northern accent further if I was you – the girls love it.


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  • Craig Dawber

    Great video Dean! A hobby turned into a lucrative business…..doesn’t get better than that :-)

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