It is Not Who You Know, it is Who Knows YOU


Hi there,

Today we are going to talk about networking.

Like it or not, networking is a key part of business, including online business.

I know people that spend over $100k per year just on this.

So here are some tips on how to network like a superstar.

1) Read the book “how to make friends and influence people” then read it again.

2) Go to seminars and events in your industry. This is a great way to meet tons of people in a short period of time… and, you know that they all have loads in common with you, so conversation should flow easier than normal.

3) Become a speaker. This is a tricky one, and takes balls of steel, but I have tried it, and people will flock to you afterwards. Also, it puts you in an instant position of power. I was speaking to people who had $10 million+ businesses, yet I was perceived as the expert, solely because I was on stage.

4) The real networking happens at the bar. It is amazing how many business deals and partnerships get done at the bar. It looks like my teenage years may not have been a waste afterall ;-) Hit the bar at events, and buy drinks for the people who you wish to network with.

5) Follow-up on all business cards you get. This is a cool tip. When you get people’s business cards, get in the routine of going through them one by one once you return home, and send them a personal email.

I stress the word “personal”.

Fill it with private jokes you told at the bar with them, how much you enjoyed meeting them, how you would like to keep in touch, possible future ventures you can do together.

The goal is to turn casual encounters into lifetime friendships.

So remember, it is not what you know, it is not who you know, it is who knows YOU.

Go get networking.


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  • lou suSi

    great post … good advice …

    i would also add, make it all about THEM …

    you’ve kind of captured it in the ‘personal’ email part of the blogPost up there … you know? … so, bring back that conversation you had w/ the prospect or person you’re networking w/ … right? but also, in the email or even in conversation … really listen to people … and then give it up … make your business, your personal life, your conversations all matter to the client, prospect, friend, etcetera … i’m going to start doing this more ( i think i already do it to some extent, but i’m going to purposely magnify this concept + see what comes of it ) … + i bet the positive ‘giving’ vibe that comes out of it will only strengthen the sense of community + communication …

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  • Dean Hunt


    I totally agree.

    You will notice my first piece of advice in the post is:

    “1) Read the book “how to make friends and influence people” then read it again.”

    That book goes into great depth on the importance of making it about THEM, and listening.

    I could have paraphrased the book, but probably would have taken a few hours to get it all… best that people go and read it.


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  • Nick

    The book’s on order!

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  • Michelle

    Hi Dean,

    The points you make are so true. I recently attended my first conference, after several years of networking online only. Getting to speak in a panel debate there made all the difference to my networking experience, and I had some great discussions as a result.

    I’d also hasten to add that it’s useful to have your own cards to hand out as well as collecting them. This is probably quite obvious, which may be why you didn’t mention it, but it’s a mistake I made! Next time I will be better prepared :)

    Great post.


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  • Craig Dewe

    This one time this guy wanted to “network” with me in Madrid… the result was I ended up drunk and he teased me with stories about magic dollar bills…

    ok… reading that back it sounds slightly dirty and that I’m a stripper… but oh well it is Dean’s blog.

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  • Dean Hunt

    ah yes, the magic dollar bill. I still have that.

    Tell ya what, I will do a blog post about it in the near future.

    Remember that weird wine in Navalcarnero? Crikey, you were rather drunk that night too.


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  • David

    Dean, why don’t you use PayPal at I don’t really want to share my credit card info with you yet.

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  • Dean Hunt


    We do accept Paypal.. drop me an email and I will sort it out.

    That said, we dont see or know or have access to your credit card details… it doesnt work like that. The payment goes through a banks merchant account… I assume you trust banks.

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