Is Google Adsense Dead?


Is Google Adsense dead?

Today we are going to find out once and for all… but first, a little story from my time in Los Angeles.

Whilst I was in LA, I managed to meet pretty much all of the biggest names in Internet business and Marketing. But there was one guy who I wanted to have a beer with more than any other… his name is Joel Comm.

Joel is a New York Times best seller, and even had his own reality show, but what appealed most to me, was the fact that he seemed a fun and laid back guy.

On the last day I went over and had a chat with Joel:

and he was very cool. He gave me feedback on the presentation we were doing, and we have since spoken many times via the old Internet.

Anyway, people keep asking me whether Google Adsense is dead… and truth be told, I am not the right person to ask. Adsense is not a big part of my business model, in fact, I don’t have any ads at all on this blog (not even affiliate ads). So I turned to Joel and asked him, and was surprised to learn his making over $500 per day in passive income from adsense, which is 250 beer tokens each and every day.

I wanted to know a bit more, so Joel invited me to check out his brand, spanking new ebook:

He also provided a video to explain it in more detail:

To be honest, I wouldn’t have purchased this previously, not even at the very cool new price point, simply because I don’t use adsense much these days. But since meeting Joel, I will definitely be checking it out.

By the way, I was offered an affiliate link for this, and I am sure I could have made a few hundred easy beer tokens myself, but I have a ZERO-ADVERT policy at, and that includes affiliate links.

Why do I do this?

1) To ensure that the blog is all content and no fluff/ads
2) To ensure that you realise that if I do promote anything, then it is NOT for the money. Too many blogs promote anything, and I don’t like that.



PS: If you manage to get a copy, email me your feedback.

  • Jeff –

    OMG…is that a photo of the “real” Dean Hunt? :)

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  • Paul

    Another sales pitch page… he is obviously going to say he earns that money passively everyday. He told *everyone* at the event that……

    But yeah, excellent work for not using the affy link.

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  • Suleman

    Hey Dean! why the two of you are staring at me above?
    OMG! you are on my pc, ahhh thats in my room…
    I’ll report to the cops

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  • Suleman

    anyway Dean I agree with Paul, adsense-secrets looks like another of those sales pitch page to me.
    Well it could be a good stuff, I don’t know about it, but actually I don’t like these kinds of stuff that ask you to pay to learn some secret. If its really that cool secret, and if it works well for me, I’d be more than happy to pay him after I get some nice income, why before? :P
    Whenever I come to a page like that at adsense-secrets, I take no time to read it and close it.
    Also its nice you didn’t use the aff link, or I’d have closed this post aswell, instead I read it all. :)

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  • Thiago De Carvalho

    The Adsense Code helped me earn a decent amount of money so I suppose Adsense Secrets 4 will do the same.

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  • rob

    I like joel ok but I think he should let people know that there is a $29 monthly subscription fee attached to buying the ebook.

    so basically you are lured in to buy the $9 ebook only to get a monthly charge of $29.


    let’s keep it real people.

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  • Dean Hunt

    Rob – had I known that, I wouldn’t have mentioned it on here.

    I am not a fan of forced continuity.


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  • grnidone

    The *only* reason I’d even consider looking at what this guy has to say is because you say he’s a good guy.

    Because honestly, when I see a Looooooong landing page with text and text and supposed testimonials and yellow highlighted text and a “but wait there’s more” kind of look and feel, I immediately get turned off. That look and feel reminds me of the ginsu steak knife commercials back in the 80′s. I feel like I’m going to get taken, and I just don’t even bother.

    And, in reading the comments, I see that indeed, you do get taken with a $29 monthly charge.

    *shakes head*

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  • Dean Hunt

    Grindone – I agree, I don’t like the sales page or the monthly forced continuity either.

    In hindsight I wouldn’t have mentioned it if I had seen it first time around.


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