Information Is No Longer Enough


Would you like to know my biggest ever secret to having a successful and popular website?

Ok, seeing as you asked nicely:

Information Is No Longer Enough

I will explain…

Let’s travel back in time 10-12 years ago, when the Internet was just starting to hit mainstream for the first time. During this period, people used the net very differently to today.

Back then, it was all about getting information. I remember the excitement of typing in something like “learn magic tricks” into Yahoo, and getting over 100 matches with information on the subject.

It was exciting, powerful and new.

New Decade – New Rules

Fast forward to 2008, and the same search yields 475.000 results, plus a heap of videos, images, DVDs, podcasts and more.

Quite simply, we have been spoiled, we have so much information at our finger tips, and we can access it at warp speed. What’s more, now that the Internet is a great option to make money, every man and his dog has a website, a blog, a youtube account etc… so competition for virtually ANY keyphrase is high.

So what does this all mean?

It means that if a user searches for A and you provide info on A, this is no longer enough to be successful in your niche.

The net of 2008 is much more about building fans, loyal readers, getting links, getting mentioned elsewhere, going viral, creating buzz etc…

You are not going to achieve any of the above by just providing information.

You need to provide the information in a new, exciting, interesting and entertaining way.

It is the people that can combine information and entertainment that are going to rule the markets for the next 10 years, and those who can’t, will struggle.

For Example

Just look at people like Gary Vaynerchuk, perhaps the hottest guy around right now, his WinelibraryTV website had over 10,000 viewers for every single video, who had absolutely zero interest in wine.

Yes, you read correctly. 10,000 people per video watched a show about wine, yet they had no interest in wine.

This was because he made the show fun, he injected passion, entertainment and humour, and he used the mediums of video and social media perfectly.

Now, Gary could easily have just posted facts and stats about the wine on a blog, but instead he made it entertaining and interesting first, and informative second.

A Perfect Example

Here is a perfect example, let’s say you want to do a blog post about how useful the Internet is, you could write about it with some facts and info, or you could even create a top 7 list about it…

or… you could do an experiment to see if you can live solely off the Internet for 7 days. All your shopping, including food, must be done online, you must unplug your phone and turn off your mobile (Cell), you cannot pay for anything in cash or with a card, just via Internet payments.

This is a new and entertaining way of packaging the concept. A new angle if you will.

It is a new twist, an exciting angle, a life-changing experiment.You could make a series of blog posts from this, or you could put a webcam on your head and broadcast it live to ustream 24/7, you could do video diaries, you could podcast about it, you could even go on local radio shows and discuss it.

You have taken something dull and turned it into something that radio and tv would love to speak to you about, all via adding a new twist and angle on a standard subject.

The Attention Entertainment Age

The tables have been turned my friends, information used to be a valuable currency on the Internet, now, as my friend Rich Schefren says, “we are in the attention age”, where attention is the main currency.

You are not going to grab attention with just information. You simply won’t stand out from the crowd, you won’t rise above the noise of the 450,000 other pages of info on a subject.

So if you want to be successful on the net, be entertaining, be passionate and most of all…. have fun. If you can’t do any of these things, make sure you have a huge ad budget instead.


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  • Dare

    I agree and disagree in the same time.

    Although packaging the information in the right format can help information will be almost always very important.

    These days I notice that in almost every niche the information given on blogs or whatever is VERY LOW-QUALITY. It is usually rehearsed from other sources, re-written or…whatever.

    Nowdays most internet marketers treat articles like something that can be outsourced to a guy in India and..the job is done.

    Giving unique expertise and valuable knowledge is ALWAYS going to be something that people are asking for.

    Packaging that knowledge into a interactive video or game is a big plus.

    So, Deano, I pretty much agree with your points. Packaging your content makes you in a way stand out but does not necessarily make you BETTER.

    I think that as much as we go into the entertainment age…we also move very rapidly into ‘get to the point, be useful’ age. I suppose that’s the reason why, for example, list posts are very popular:
    1) With list posts, you give me everything I want in organized way and I can pretty much see if your content is good or crap.
    2) You get to the point so I can see if your content is USEFUL

    Lots of people caught up and realized that content can be easily written in a way that won’t tell nothing. They don’t want to waste their time.

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  • Dean Hunt


    You missed the point completely.

    It is all about attracting traffic.

    Answer me this… when you have written your informative, to the point article, how will people find it?

    Nobody will link to it, as it will just sound like the other 400,000+ articles on the same subject, so you will get no links, no referrals and no google traffic.

    Nobody will blog about it, nobody will mention it in their emails or videos.

    So my BIG question to you is… yes, you have an informative article, equally as informative as 400,000+ similar articles. Why should people talk about your article instead of the other 399,999?

    An informative article with zero readers is worth nothing. You would be doomed to failure.

    Also, the fact that you have the knowledge on the subject and the information is a given. It goes without saying. If you didn’t have expert info, why bother writing it in the first place?

    Secondly,I am not necessarily saying that you need to package it in a video or a game, I was actually referring more to the angles used to present the content.

    For example, if you want to do a blog post about how useful the Internet is, you could write about it with some fact and info, or you could even create a top 7 list about it…

    or… you could do an experiment to see if you can live solely off the Internet for 7 days. All your shopping, including food, must be done online, you must unplug your phone and turn off your mobile (Cell), you cannot pay for anything in cash or with a card, just via Internet payments.

    This is a new and entertaining way of packaging the concept. A new angle if you will.

    I will add this example to the blog post to add more clarity.


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  • Craig Dewe

    Mr Dean,

    Great post… incredible post actually.

    It’s one of those duh/genius posts where you say to yourself “well that was kind of obvious… and I’m sure I’ve been told this before… but it didn’t quite sink in until I read this…”

    Personally, I never quite realised just how important being different was until you used the example of search result numbers. Sure, I try to do it… but efforts must be doubled.

    And for the record I disagree with Dare’s disagreement. It’s very hard to have a completely unique point of view against 475,000 search results. And even if it’s unique and “better” that doesn’t mean anyone will ever see it.

    As the old Chinese proverb goes “If a business sells a great product in the forest, but no one is around to hear about it… do they make a sale?”

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  • Dean Hunt


    I had no doubt that you would have the business and marketing sense to fully grasp this.

    I don’t think Dare was incorrect, he just didn’t understand it. So I have re-written it slightly incase anyone else misses the point.


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  • Dean Hunt

    Also, Dare’s points hinge on already having a huge readership, which you won’t achieve via the tactics he mentions.

    My methods attract links, attention and tons of traffic, Dare’s will get ignored and blend into the 400,000+ similar articles on the subject.

    It is all about attracting attention, links, publicity, readers and authority.


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  • Alan Kay

    Great point good post Hunt you fucker.

    Really “Internet Marketing” is not quite right. We should be talking about “Internet Show Business”. That’s what it’s all about yes?

    Internet Marketing is a form of show business.

    Whoever provides the best show wins.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Hows things matey?

    I put it under the umbrella of Internet Success. It is that important. I don’t see it as solely a marketing technique, it is more of a foundation.


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  • Mrinal Bose

    Hmm..a thought-provoking post. But are not all these video and podcast things becoming increasing more abused and boring? A great majority of then is inane too.

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  • Dare

    Alright Dean I got your point. I agree:
    10 mind-blowing buzz marketing tips that will make you weep is a better introduction than “Buzz marketing
    tips” – what 44.000 other pages have in their titles.

    Originality is always appreciated. I even started to see that those list posts get over-used and become sort of ‘ordinary’.

    Those challenges work well too I think…didn’t you write something similar in your Hustlers report?

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  • Dean Hunt


    I am not really focusing on the medium of the content. It can be audio, visual, blog post etc… It doesn’t really matter, what does matter is how interesting it is.

    A quick example might be the blog post which I got on that was 10 self improvement tips. The content was great, but there were millions of similar articles on the net, so I knew that even though the advice was good, people would ignore it.

    So I called it “Self Improvement Advice From The DEVIL”

    It got discussed around the world.


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  • Dare

    Maybe a post where you discuss some traditional vs more interesting approaches would be a good thing to do.

    For example, I recently stumble upon this:

    This is WAY better than a whole page explaining me about zen meditation. Even my friend who doesn’t understand English sticked to watch this till the end!

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  • Sarah Austin

    I linked to you on my website. I agree with your advice here and thanks for the post on Nice!

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  • Rob Caldwell

    Thanks for the comments on my blog.
    All the best!


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  • Kevin Puls

    Wow, great post!

    That’s exactly what we are planning to do to drive more interest & traffic to our first, original site.

    You see, it’s a blog-driven, charity-based site to honor our Armed Forces.

    We have no autoresponder to opt into, so there is no e-mail marketing. Our audience is military and the last thing we want to do is to e-mail market them offering products & services. Their lives are too busy.

    We will be driving traffic to our site by using video marketing and other tactics.




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  • Texas Ben

    Gary is freaking awesome, I saw him on a video at Web 2.0 convention. I had people say he talked like me. I checked him out, I LOVE HIM and I hate wine.

    Passion is one thing people and this world lack, Gary will piss off and rub people the wrong way like you Dean. F#ck’em. The top radio and TV hosts in the U.S.
    1. Rush Limbaugh
    2. Bill O’Reiley
    3. Howard Stern
    4. Glen Beck
    5. Oprah
    (Letterman & Leno don’t count)
    These people get in people’s faces and are disliked by millions of people, but guess what people tune in to see what they’ll say or do next like a entertainment drug. There repelled, but attracted to there message all at the same time.

    As always Deano great post.

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  • Andy Brown

    Hi Dean,

    I will get to the point – Great blog Dean!



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  • Missy

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brihgnteed my day!

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