I Would Rather Get Kicked In the Testicles Than Read Your Content



Before you go grab a frying pan to hit me over the head with… I should explain…

The title of this post is not an insult at you… afterall, you are lovely.

It is actually a traffic blueprint I recommend you use for your next piece of content.

Here is the exact blueprint I recommend:

“I Would Rather X Than X”

The first X should be something really bad, you can go really edgy and shocking, as I did, or you can be more gentle if you prefer.

The second X should be something you dislike, are unhappy with, are against, feel is overhyped etc…

So let’s do some examples:

“I would rather vomit than use a Windows PC”

“I would rather wear my grans knitted jumper than use Twitter”

“I would rather punch myself in the face with a squirrel than buy your info product”

Heck, why not be topical as well:

“I would rather have an affair with Tiger Woods than watch X-factor”


You simply adapt it to your style, audience and topic.

This my friends, is what I call a traffic blueprint.

I have created LOADS of these, and you can use them for ANY niche, and any medium… video, audio, written, emails, newsletters, blogs, articles, online stores… you name it.

They work 90% of the time… every time.

If you would like to get access to more of these blueprints, AND the systems I use to spread and promote content super fast, leave a comment below.

Also, I challenge you to go make content with this traffic blueprint and then link it up below so we can mock…. I mean… admire.


  • http://www.suedemonkey.blogspot.com rey siasar

    nice! thanks for the tip sir! i will be using it pretty soon!

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt

    Enjoy Rey,

    These traffic blueprints are so powerful and easy to follow.

    I love em.

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  • http://richquickreview.com/ Shane

    Well, it sure worked on me! Seeing that title, I just had to click and read what it was all about. Definitely going to try this one it for a future post. :)
    Shane´s last blog ..SEO Elite v4.0 – Review My ComLuv Profile

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  • http://www.pingo.com Pingo


    Will try it out in telecom

    I’d rather get deported then have to pay all the calling card hidden fee’s to stay connected with my family abroad

    - Pingo

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt

    Shane – absolutely, it is very hard to resist a creative content angle/blueprint.

    Pingo – awesome, give it a go.


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  • http://www.stogblog.com Brandon

    “I Would Rather Mow my Front Yard with my Teeth than to Watch this Video” – I likes it bud. Hurricane Dean with another cool tip to add a tsunami of traffic to your sites.

    Thank ya, Thank ya very much

    Brandon´s last blog ..Expect This and Die a Loser My ComLuv Profile

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  • http://www.nathangilder.com Nathan

    Hey Dean, your headline made me lol – would love to see more blueprints :-)

    Best wishes
    Nathan´s last blog ..Marketing My ComLuv Profile

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  • http://marketmetweet.com/blog Tammy

    Good ideas can be found in the game “Would you rather?”

    You know… would you rather do x or y… At least it would work for the first part, then the author would have to make it relevant. Not sure how effective “I’d rather bathe in poo than eat it” would be, lol ;)
    Tammy´s last blog ..Dell Revenues from Twitter Sales hit $6.5 Million! My ComLuv Profile

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  • http://www.soaringsuccess.ca Daniel


    I always love your ideas — whether they work for creating buzz or not is almost a side-benefit … most of the stuff you suggest just seems more like fun than work! It’s just one more reason to love my job!

    Anyhoo, I thought I’d give it shot on my blog:



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  • http://agent001.me/ Agent 001

    Got to try it out. Thanks
    Agent 001´s last blog ..How to Write an Introduction Post? My ComLuv Profile

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  • Paige

    Definitely made me look! Great tip. Would love to learn about more templates!

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  • http://www.upsidedownturn.co.uk recession marketing monkey

    Have you been reading Oatmeal? at theoatmeal.com.. me thinks so!
    recession marketing monkey´s last blog ..Spellcheck My ComLuv Profile

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt


    Yes, saw it on Oatmeal, I know the creator of that site pretty well, and loved his spin on an old headline blueprint classic.


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  • http://www.scanmonkeys.com Brian

    Great tips! When I saw the title of your article I immediately had to take a look. We’re going to kick off the new year with expanded blog content and this will be a great way to go. Thanks!

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  • http://www.livetric.com Jean

    I really never ever thought of something like this. My content is rather short and edgy which people enjoy but implementing this sounds like gold to me.

    Class act Dean :)
    Jean´s last blog ..Happy New Year My ComLuv Profile

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