I love the Internet


Don’t you just love the Internet?

I think we take it for granted at times, but today I got an email that really made me appreciate just how powerful and useful the net can be…

Here is the story:

Last night I am watching some Spanish tv program that interviews expats from Madrid. They live in places like the UK, America, and they tell of the differences from Madrid etc… As an expat myself I find it interesting. Anyway, last night there was a Madrid woman who has been living in China for 4 years. She told her story and showed us the sights…

I have to say it looked really cool. Especially considering the bad reputation it has had over the years.

What really excited me was when she started talking $$$$$ (money).

She said that 50 quid will get you a long way in her area, and that for 200 quid a month you can live a high quality of life. In fact, for 1p you can get two apples.

Now I should point out that I have an amazing quality of life in Madrid, I am not in a position financially where I need to go and live in a cheaper area, but still, it intrigued me (And Elena).

Normally we would have turned off the TV and not done anything about it, but instead I grabbed the laptop and found a blogger who moved from America to China 3 years ago.

I sent him an email, and this morning he sent me a ton of info. He answered things that only someone living there could answer.

I now have the sort of info that 10 years ago would take months of time and a lot of costly mistakes to find out. I got it via one email.

How cool is that?

I should point out that I am NOT going to move to China, not in the next 12 months anyway… but I really fancy moving to China for 6 months and learning martial arts and cooking in an intensive course.

I know that we take the net for granted these days, but I now have a contact in China who can answer all of my questions.

Oh, and this morning I emailed a guy via Stumbleupon and it turns out he works at Microsoft. What chance would I have had of speaking to a Microsoft employee 10 years ago?… NONE!

I am now trying to get some algorithm info out of him ;-)

Wish me luck.

The Internet is so cool sometimes, you just have to use and not abuse it. The world has opened up to us now, we can see anything in the world, we can learn all sorts of skills for free, we can discover cool things that would have been beyond our reach, and best of all… we can chat with amazing people.

On that note… feel free to contact me anytime for a natter at: contact@deanhunt.com


  • http://henryzeng.com Henry Zeng

    Hi Dean,

    I can’t wait to give you my big welcome when you arrive China!

    Also feel free to contact me if you have any quetions to ask about China :)

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