I HATE Making Money Online


I HATE Making Money Online…

Actually, that is not quite true, What I ACTUALLY hate is aspects of the “make money online” industry.

For example, I don’t know about you, but reading a 35 page sales letter for a 10 page product is just absurd. If you have time to read a 35 page sales letter, then no wonder you are broke.

But enough about my peeves about the industry, I want to hear yours. I want to know what you dislike about the industry? What puts you off purchasing something? What drives you crazy?

The best answer gets 8.5 points, and remember, if you get 100 points, you get a goldfish in a bag*

* Water may not be included.

  • http://boostranks.com boostranks

    I hate the hot chicks that constantly hound me for attention. I need to work, bugger off.

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt

    haha, very good!

    I wish I had that problem.


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  • http://www.connexted.com/blog/ Craig Dewe

    I hate how people keep looking for the get rich quick scheme on the net rather than trying to build a successful business.

    Another reason why they’re broke and miserable.

    Oh…and the hot chick thing too, yeah…

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  • http://deal.24hourmadness.com Amber

    Here’s an alt twist on that…

    People who JOIN programs that supply the *Tools* to make money…

    then blame the owner because the owner “didn’t make them rich”… (but they never used the tools they were given).

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  • http://www.starrgh.com Starr

    I’m too busy laughing my ass off at the killer bunny video in the sidebar to care much about making money on the internet.

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  • http://ourgratitude-rosee285.blogspot.com AnnMarie Cunniff

    The bunnies are a scream. Your marketing techniques are the first thing that have actually pulled me in to learn more. I am one of those people who bought all the tools and never knew how to use them. I’m learning now and your site is a gold mine for that. Still trying to figure out why i can’t get the BlogRush thing onto my sites but, with time, the light will dawn, I’m sure.

    Thanks for sharing, Your Orgasm PDF was great content. The title was very clever.

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  • http://blog.icywave.net/ Michael

    I hate having to hate something.

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  • http://bradbonanza.com Brad

    Definitely the long sales pages is one to mention, Dean, with the numerous testimonials of the same people over and over again.
    And I agree with Craig on this, I too felt for a get rich quick scheme once or twice in the past. That’s no secret, I guess we all did at one point. Nowadays I rarely buy something (well probably I will, for a buzz marketing bootcamp, I heard about.. Aaargh damn, you tricked me into this one Dean! You money-making-Guru you!)

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  • Shamir

    Funny you mentioned sales letters Dean, because I’m REALLY starting to have a REAL problem with LONG copy sales letters.

    Let’s see… maybe some of you will resonate with me on this one: Since I AM an internet marketer, and I DO make money online, I see products launched every other day (whether it’s a piece of software, a report or a huge ticket item).

    And I’ve got NOTHING against the vendors, products or even the sales letters. But, I would LOVE to see a SECOND sales page just for IMers.

    A page that will JUST list *exactly* what the product is and what it can do for you. That’s all. No story, no loss and redemption, no reluctant hero, no ridiculous scarcity tactics…. just WHAT IT IS, and WHAT can it DO for me and my business.

    At this point in time, I (and many others in my boat) already know exactly what they currently want and what they don’t want.

    Shamir :-)

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  • http://www.advancedmeditation.com Steven

    I hate the guys who quote GROSS profit instead of NET.

    I know that more than a few “million dollar launches” put less than $100k in the pockets of the product creator/seller.

    And while that’s nothing to sneeze at, it’s a BIG difference.

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  • http://www.thehumanmind.co.uk Thomas Gray

    I absoloutely hate the following:

    Popup ads: Nobody looks at their content, everybody hatest them. They suck.

    “SEO GURU’s!!!!” These people absoloutely infurate me. Yes you may have knowledge that can get my just 2 places higher on google, but should I really pay £3000 for the privalage of you teling me that my website just isen’t on enough search engines. Sod off.

    Flashing banners: “YOUR THE 1,000,000′TH VISITOR TO OUR SITE, YOU’VE WON ABSOLOUTELY **** ALL!”

    Man those things bug me. I think that if you don’t have enough customers and need to put flashing banner adds up to advertise your product. You’ve got bigger problems.

    Loan adverts: “Do you have unsecured debt? Is life getting you down? With our simple easy 72 step forms you can get your debt cleared in no time.”

    Thing is they have to make these forms simple because the people that use things like this are stupid anyway. I hate the adverts when they say “They made it really easy for me” I just think well the kinda ***ing had to… IF they had made it difficult you wouldn’t have been able to do it, and it would have just sounded too much like work, and you don’t like that, cause thats how you got yourself into this mess in the first place.

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt

    Thomas wins the prize.

    Great answer… and for what it is worth, I agree.


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  • http://www.thehumanmind.co.uk Thomas Gray

    lol Dean thanks :)

    I have more, but I am at work at the moment, so have to keep my browsing time down…

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  • steve

    The #1 thing I hate is affiliate websites that pose as “legitimate” review sites to promote worthless get rich quick products.

    Everyone knows the site owner couldn’t give two shits about what the product IS or even DOES. They’re completely in it for the money.

    These people deserve a swift, elegant kick in the balls.

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  • http://www.hghtruths.com/go/hgh-product-reviews/ Eric

    So many of the good ones already taken.

    I really hate when some one offers a free report that looks like something you want to learn about so you give them your name and email. Before you even have time to read the report, your email box is flooded with dozens of sales pitches for the latest and greatest product launch.

    Before you even get to the dance they want to talk about buying condoms.

    The truth about product launches is that there will be another dozen equally fabulous ones next week.

    If these gurus are so great, why can’t they sell out to their own list?

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  • http://renegadeconservatoryguy.co.uk/ Matthew

    I get really annoyed when I see poor speeling on websites.

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  • http://.jimdonovan.com Jim Donovan

    I’m with you, Dean. When I was putting together the page for my latest book, Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck,” I purposely did not write a sales letter that went on and on.

    Since I’ve always offered my books and audio programs with a 100% guarantee (of which no one has ever asked for a refund), there’s no risk.

    I’d rather let my work stand on it own.


    PS. I already have plenty of goldfish:-)

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  • http://www.heaven4affiliates.com Josip Barbaric

    I dislike things like the scarcity tactic, the “never see again, buy now” and similar strategies that might work, and might be effective, but are not honest.

    Being in the make money niche, we all see too much of that.

    My 2 cents.

    Joe B.

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  • http://www.hophunt.com HopHunt Free PPC

    What I hate most is…

    There are many so-called gurus selling
    how to make money ebooks online…

    Full of making money online garbage ebooks.

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  • http://feeds.feedburner.com/BlogTambayan Jan Alvin

    You know? I’m starting to hate make money blogs now… Its because the info they post in their blogs are about earning money. They missed out the true essence of blogging, sharing of worthy informations.


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  • http://www.correctmindforweightloss.com/ David Maleney

    What really peeves me is when I get sent a link
    for the latest “make money online” thing, and it
    takes me to a link where I get Rick Rolled!

    Don’t even think about clicking here:

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  • http://www.beat-tuition.com Kevin

    Nice post – I hate long sales letters, I scroll and move on, andI’ve had to stop that. Too much fluff, too many free tools and options. I love the Authority Black Book, and your Buzz Mktg info – absolute gold, both of them.

    Also, though a bit less known and fairly obvious in his tactics, I like Jimmy Brown’s work. I have SRF, and I like it. Gives real value in his freebies, too.

    I’ve rambled. Sorry. I agree with your post, and the first comment by boostranks. Too many hotties – what a pain.

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  • http://customcraftedkeywords.com Tim

    Well, on purpose I subscribed to one too many guru lists, now it seems EVERY day I’m bombarded with the latest and greatest. And I have to admit, I’m addicted to email, when it chimes, I’m compelled to answer. What I’ve stated doing is using a gmail filter to send a lot of them straight to the trash. I could of course unsubscribe, but then I wouldn’t be feeding my addiction… lol

    I think maybe the killer bunnies got me on this one.

    On a brighter note, I’ve found a few that seem to be fact and not fiction (Dean you are lone) and info, not hype. Those are the ones I’ll read.

    And yes, I agree with the earlier poster, if you miss it today (and I did on two that I know of) they’ll come knocking tomorrow or next week.

    It’s a love/hate thing. I enjoy seeing how craftily they write those sales letters, but I hate the fact I get slammed with the launches.


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