I Can See The Future


I am going to tell you about a miracle that happened to me recently. This is so incredible that I am writing this post at 2:00am on a Saturday morning.

WARNING: If you are naturally sceptic then prepare to have your beliefs shattered.

Recently I discovered that I have psychic powers……

I can see into the future and predict things with great accuracy BEFORE they happen.

You are probably thinking that I have been drinking too much, so continue to read and I will PROVE MY GIFT.

Six months ago I made a prediction that went against the beliefs of 99.9999% of all webmasters, marketing experts, SEO consultants and online business men. I was mocked by so called experts who claimed that my theory and predictions were nonsense and false.

Well recently my predictions were proven to be accurate. Infact….


You have probably guessed by now that my prediction doesn’t include lottery numbers, sporting events, or the world ending. My prediction was SEO and marketing related.

You can see my prediction in full here: Text Link Advertising

If you don’t have time to read that page then I will explain:

6 months ago I predicted that text link advertising will get noticed by Google and will have negative effects on your site from an SEO perspective.

Here are quotes from my prediction last November:

Text Link Advertising effects by DeanHunt (6 months ago):

*Could get you banned
*Could lose your ability to pass PR from your site
*Your Inner pages could stop passing PR
*You could lose some of your current PR
*You will leak link juice

At the time I got emails from so called SEO gurus who claimed my predictions were nonsense. I even had someone who claims to be a successful webmaster give me numerous reasons as to why I was 100% wrong.

So imagine my delight when I heard recently that Google have now said that Link Text Advertising can “affect your reputation in Google”

This amazing news is now being discussed around the webmaster and SEO world: Google doesn’t trust paid links & Selling links is bad

Matt Cutts (Google engineer) is even telling people how to report sites that sell links.

Put simply…. if you sell links from now on, expect to get tons of people sending spam reports to Google about your site.

So what can you learn from this?

Insight is one of the most powerful tools a marketing and SEO expert can have. The Marketing and SEO rules are always changing, so to get the best results you need to be 10 steps ahead of your competitiors.

The second, and most important lesson.

If you are going to read the blogs from the BIG names of the SEO and Marketing world, be careful not to believe everything they say.

Only a handful of SEO and marketing gurus agreed with my prediction, the other 99% were completely wrong. In fact, if you have followed their advice then your site may be penalised by Google now.

Just imagine that…. you have been reading blogs and forum posts from people you consider as experts, and they have potentially cost you and your business LIFE CHANGING amounts of money.

Now is your chance to ensure you don’t make that same mistake again. Next time your site could be….

removed completely from the search engines!

So here is what I recommend you do…. right click on this page and click bookmark. This will give you access to me and my blog 24/7.

In return I will make a pledge to you. I will promise you all of the following:

* I will be the SEO who doesn’t blindly follow the other experts.
* I will be your SEO who makes logical, and profit reaping choices and predictions.
* I will be the marketing blogger who shares his secrets that help get his clients on the front page of Digg.com WITH EASE
* I will do my best to answer your questions and emails 24/7

If the above is what you look for in a marketing and SEO blogger? Bookmark me now! And if you are a feed user, then here is my direct feed address: http://deanhunt.com/feed

I predict I will see you soon.

From your psychic SEO and marketing friend.


PS: Don’t bother emailing me for next week lottery results ;-)

  • http://hotmail.com Diamond

    My friend and I was outside yesterday night and we were communacating with the wind about something that is going to happen. we said “if ur a boy the wind will blow and if ur a girl the wind will not blow”. The wind blew and we said if ur already dead the wind windwill blow and if ur about the die the wind won’t blow the wind didn’t blow. My friend said that she was alone her mom was bringing her 14 year-old brother to basketball practice and she saw a basketball outside boncing on it’s own. I need help with my problem or gift i don’t know. I’m only 11 and i need help because i don’t know about this. My mom and dad don’t know only my friend.

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  • Vision

    I do not know if you can really see the future but i can see the future everyday at night in my dreams and i know that it is true no matter what other people say.

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  • abc123

    I had a dream kinda like anthonys and it was really vivid i can remember like everything and it felt real and it feels like its going to happen… I was playing for my school soccer team and this girl from my old soccer team was also on the school team and there was a fire that started in the soccer stadium and i ran out and didnt see her safe outside so i ran in and saved her and carried her out and we both just got out i woke up we were both in the hospital with her and my soccer team friends and family over me and her. me and he checked out just fine (with burns) but i was walking out with crutches. and she was really glad i came in and saved her…..

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  • Joyce

    i have a weird thing that has been happening to me my entire life.I thought it was ridiculous and that i was just trying to have superpowers or something but these days things are just adding up for no reasons.

    when i was young i usually read something or watch something by chance and suddenly the next month the people will ask the answer for that question even though they didnt even watched or read it. At first i though it was like very likely chance of that happening but these few days are very weird.

    Yesterday i was just walking and thinking about my friend and was randomly thinking about AI the movie cos i saw a robot magazine and today i saw the brochure for moral movies and AI was in it and that was okay but then i was listening to Justin Bieber because i knew about him like three months ago and today i read the news that he is in England where i am! there are other events but these as the stupid recent one.

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  • noah

    i stumbled apon seeing the future today and itwas very odd. well 2 nights ago i started listening to brainwave entrainment and it has given me mental clarity in everyday life but it may have opened a gatewaY. I was at breckenridge ski resort today and me and my friend were next in line to get on the lift. in front of us was a little girl with her mom the little girl got on but then cought the nose of her ski in the snow she fell off and was at the edge of a 5 foot drop. if me and my friend would have gotten on the lift we would have pushed the little girl off the drop with our legs, but when my friends started to go forward before the girl fell i felt in my head that we could not get on that lift no matter what and stopped my friend from getting on the lift and consequentaly pushed the little girl off the drop. i stoppped my friend 5 seconds before the girls fell. we were intregued so riding up the lift i was able to tell the near exact trick that a random person was about to do off a jump nearly every time. very strange and interesting

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  • kylie

    i hey i can c the future to but only in my dreams but when i wake up i dont remimber it.

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  • kooky

    One time when i was sleeping, something happend it was really wierd!! Cause one night i was sleeping and i had a dream that there was a funeral, and it happend because my dads friend died outside then we put him inside.Then the next morning we did a funeral downstairs then we put a cross made up of roses. then i said dejuvu!!! i had a dream that this happend!!!!!! Also, when i go to sleep i could onley see the future and my friend dont belive me that i could see the future!!!

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  • http://www.webhosting-picks.com Web Hosting Guru

    I predict the demise of Google. They are left out of China. They could not compete there. And I think paid links are a good thing. However, ranking pages based on incoming links is not a good thing. This helps monopolies, and established sites to cling to their power and block new comers gaining market share. If company A sells X and company B sells X, they both sell X. There is no reason to give the early bird all the $ just because other sites point to it. Google is not able to judge the content itself, thus it leaves the decision to the links which is an admission of short coming. It is going to stiffle growth until Google market share shrinks.

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  • futuristic

    i see the future in my dreams but small portions of it

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  • kat

    ok then smart hEad if you can really see the future tell me the lotto numbers for next wed or sat .. n by the way why havent you got reach by doin that yet? … ure just sad to actually make up all this

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  • amie

    hey all..
    dis is seriously wierd..i can also c d future..i dun know how..buh i can..i mean…in dreams..or wen m awake…i dun noe weder u r lieing or itz true..buh…m not getting wat 2 write..
    i juz wanna say dat i 2 can c d FUTURE..
    do contact me..

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  • Hailey

    Ok, I can see the future. ALOT of people think i’m crazy. I saw once that my friends and I were ont the bus and on our way to school. Then, my friend said that she didn’t want to be friends anymore. The next day, it happened. I realized after that that I could see the future. I can only see the near future, and sometimes, the things I see hurt me or someone else. And sometimes they help me and affect someone else or helps us both. My friend and I are friends again.But I think God (or who ever you belleive in) Gifted us with this ability. I take it seriously and respect that I was chosen.

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  • Hailey

    I am not joking an I don’t think she is soo bak off and leave her be! :P

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  • ulyssa

    earlier i was on the phone and my hand showed cuts and it appeared and then my nuckle started bleeding can you pls help me and tell me whats going on

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  • http://gmail.com reena gangwar

    please tell me how can i see the future means about carrier.please hurly don’t take toomuch time.

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  • http://k8lyn@hotmail.com Katelyn C.

    I can actually see the future one night i was asleep had a dream about snow then a month later there was 6 in. of snow like in my dream it was egsactly the same.

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  • Silver_Silver

    There will be another incident in New York, wall street bear and bulls.another threat.The best way to avoid this is by telling everyone, i know it sounds crazy, but tell every one so that it doesn’t happen. The future always changes….TELL EVERYONE EVEN IF YOU THINK ITS BULLSHIT.

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  • tomm

    the best experience i had seeing in to the future is when i was little and had a tiny puppy.
    my sister was playing with it and i was resting on the couch.
    when i was resting i said to my self and pictured that, that the dog will jump on my head and then run around 3 times and then jumped off. 5 minutes later it happened

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  • Bud

    I’ve been able to see the future since I was born, sometimes a single day into the future to as far as 10 years or even more. Normally when I goto sleep it is only glympses of the future, but if i had stayed up for over a full day and am VERY tired my vision will be much clearer and prolonged. People who don’t have this ability are most likely those who aren’t even aware they do, because every day you witness is just another day to you. People who claim they do have the ability, are most likely people who can recall memories more accurately ( yes, seeing the future requires a good memory ) … as for me telling you the winning lottery numbers, you have to understand, we cannot wright them down and pull the numbers out of our pockets when we wake up, because they wont exist yet… Which is why I have been training my memory numerically and am now up to 120 digits of pi. Even then, If I managed to recall the winning numbers from the future, It wouldn’t help much unless you played the same numbers for years, as seeing the future is completely 100% RANDOM date and time.

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  • a

    Lol, i dont think that i can see the future, but i can feel it…but not like most people “feels it” i feel it with pain.
    Like when I’m riding a bike, i felt a random pain on my knee, stomach and arm, and that was when nothing has happened to me….yet… Then like 5 minutes later when the pain was away, I sped on my bike and then I tilted a little, then i fell off the bike, in the exact same spot where i felt the pain….coincidence? (sp)
    But the same pain happens to me on spots thats about to get hurt…It happens a lot….but maybe those are all coincidence, right?
    Lol i also see shadows of dead people, well how the dead people died. Like 3-D shadows in the middle of the room, i cant see their like facials, or who they are, but i can see how some of the died, like one of them had a rope around its neck, and the shadow was floating. Actually most of them are like that.But some are headless or armless, but i can only see them for like five seconds, then they disaper. (sp)
    I’m crazy, right? lol. But i really do see these things.

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  • http://deanhunt.com The TRICKSTER

    i can akso c da future since i was a kid and i still do know tht im 14. i also have the seers power and i am know almost telekintics. i c somehing bad happening to my secondary but i dont want to warn my head teacher tom mcdonald incase he doesnt believe me.
    .-= The TRICKSTER´s last blog ..Exclusive Sneak Peak of My Workshop =-.

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  • Deniz

    Even a broken clock is right 2 times in the day.

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  • deon

    I thought I was going crazy, I know when people are going to die. when I look at a person I just know. It happend a few times that with my family that I see there faces when I close my eyes. A few days later thay passed away. I have this funny feeling inside me that I can’t explain, I need help. Am I going going crazy????

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  • Sean

    You are such a lier. Nobody can see directly into the future without it canging. I can;t even control my visions. I supose next you will offer us some great deal only $19.95 for a look into the stocks. Blull Schit. I see things about 2-3 times a week when I first wake up. They are usualy about things that are lost like the remote of my moms keys I’m only a 14 year old guy who is some freaky nerd at my new school and gets slammed into my locker, but even I know that your fake. I have my parents getting divorced no matter what I try to bring them beack together. They keep throwing things like hammers and busting holes into the walls. My dad yells at me and my two younger sisters all the time we finnaly ran away from him a while ago. We have to be contantly on the move ecause he knows people that do some work that might not be considered comletly legal. I See things that would make your head spin. I see people die before they even get diagnosed with cancer. I see My friend commiting suicide(which he actualy did Still waiting on the cancer he got diagnosed a few weeks ago). I only pray that I see my parents getting back together again, and every thing being OK. So just shut up and I suggest that you pray that you never have to deal with this shet. It’s like taking on a month’s worth of greif in a single moment. I want to puke because of people like you. So make sure you have fun living in you your fancy house sitting in you fance chair with your sklutty girls behind you making you get off the computer while you read this, so that you can get your fancy moneys worth.>:P

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  • http://yellowmagpie.com Joseph Condron

    Being careful not to believe everything that people say is a very valuable lesson. I suppose we have a tendency to trust people.
    .-= Joseph Condron´s last blog ..Harry Houdini- The First Celebrity =-.

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  • lizzy

    Really you beleve this crap. you people will beleive anything!

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  • http://youtube.com/glezz04 naty

    i can see the future n i went 2 the doctor and i think its an amzaing gift i just question why me why not someone else when your jelous of what ur friends just bought or somethin just remeber what you have is better something you cant buy its what u get as a gift from god

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  • Akash agare

    Hey, i know how u feel about it. Bcos i also one like u. If you on fb ple. Send me request. Akashagare

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  • nikki

    No,i dn’t believe these nonsense coz u r not god.if u think u know more than him go n take his place.c u zer!!
    however it’s nt gud 2 talk like zis i’m sorry,jus jokng

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  • No Way


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  • sigma

    i can see the future too but i cant see specifics i can however control it and i have seen the end i see all six elements(water,fire,earth,wood,metal and telekinetic energy) collapse causing a momentary rift in the temporal spacial continuum resulting in the destruction of sol4:1 sol4:2 sol4:3(earth) and sol4:4 this can however be averted by creating a small temporal spacial rift generator and applying it at these coordinates on sol4:3 27.5degresN 150.4degresE

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  • http://www.google.ro Bogdan

    So you can see the future.
    My friend…
    How do you see it?
    Like with your own eyes?:)))))
    Either you remember what you have dreamed and say..hey that might happened or you are an Seo worker and came here and get all the credits for being an asswhole.
    You know what?There is no future prediction.
    I can see the future but in some circumstances like everyone does..rationaly..I would say I am lost but the true is : I can predict some things.Noh..I fogot..I don’t.Them do.So they showed you what’s going on.Go to the Church boy..you are insane.At least thank them as you haven’t done it untill now.
    If you will do that , they will show you more and more!!! Seriously.I try it..:P
    P,S:This works only for those who have the ability of visual parts.This may not work properly for tards people or for justin biebers listens.

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  • Tiffany

    same here i tottaly belive u (barely) but i hav dreams about it

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  • Elliot

    I believed I had powers and then I came to the very reasonable conclusion that there is something called reoccurring themes and you guessed the right one congratulations you have a gift but you are NOT psychic sorry.

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  • AKHIL666


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  • imkan

    i predicted dat u gnna die

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  • http://www.gmail.com sangeetha

    if the astrology is true or not?

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  • Kid

    Im 15 i to can see the future (no joke) but i can’t choose when it happens and what part of time it is from or what i see. So what is the differance between mine and yours?

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  • Louis

    well i guess i am not alone. Belief in ones ability can make one go crazy. i can predict movement of a person what will happen and cant stand the headaches i get.
    I dont know if i am crazy I hope not but if there are others out there like me i need help.
    I knew i was gonna post something and someone is gonna leave there name and info for me

    Please help

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  • Justin, Matt and Cindy

    The future… who here looks forward to the future? Defiantly not me! How could you look forward to something so dark? I mean were out of oil, food is rationed, water is regulated, and our relationship with nature is down the drain. All of our problems point to nature. Food is nature, water is nature, oil is ancient nature. If it keeps going this way were are all these problems would be true. Animals would fight side by side to save the survival of there species. Trees, and plants would release airborne toxins or roots would grow rapidly and ensnare humans. We would be fighting a war we couldn’t win, sure if we destroy nature we win but would die out quickly. Do you know how I know this will happen? It already has begun, the natural revolution is stirring. The fight has already started, all natural disasters have rapidly increased during the 21st century more poisonous creatures, more deadly diseases. More deadly creatures are being discovered like the box jellyfish, it was discovered in 2008 at the middle of the ocean. Now it is constantly at shore lines and over populated. If we don’t change our ways soon either we will kill ourselves or nature will do that for us.

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  • http://gmail.com jashaswi das.

    what happen in my future

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  • Alysse

    i beleive her/him. i’v benn having the same thing happen to me.

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  • Ingarvair

    I can see the future with made up stories like opinions and in my dreams to it freaks me out some times i wish there is some how i can control it

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  • Ingarvair

    I am glad there r others like me all physics are special that is y some of us don’t fit in with many people at lease some of us can b hopeful again that we r not alone

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  • Ingarvair

    my first comment is like i came up with a story about a guy becomes a werewolf and a girl is a vampire well my girlfriend like vampires and i like werewolves it is not even close to trilight by the way

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  • This guy

    Yo this shit happens 2 me except i can do more shit thn tht like i can read ppls minds sometimes and wen theyre about 2 say i say before thm and i always heer thts wat i wuz gonna say and its hard but sometimes if i think rely hard i can control ppls mind. Im actually not kidding about this shit

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  • http://youtube.com marco

    i can see it too in my dreams, but i only see things that happen with my friend so dont ask who is going to be america´s next president!

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  • Aiyah…..

    You spelled “skeptic” incorrectly…

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  • Stephanie-

    Idk if ur lieing bt this does happen 2 me and I dt choose  the things I see. My dreams choose me and alot of times its stuff I wouldnt even wanna know. So if u R saying the truth why nt help me choose what I see?

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