I am Not a Fan of the Attention Span


I hate attention spans! I don’t know why god invented them… it gets me into all sorts of problems with the girlfriend, she often says: “Dean, you are not listening are you?”, and I reply with something like “half past three dear”.

I think that if I was richer, and I had seen more episodes of Ally McBeal, I would most definitely sue whoever invented the Internet, because once I get online my already flaky attention span becomes even worse. I flick from site to site, working at 150mph one minute, and watching a Youtube video of a monkey sniffing his ass the next, I scan blog articles and hit the back button if they haven’t cured cancer by the time I reach sub-heading….

There is no doubt about it, my damn attention span has less patience than Harold Shipman!

Perhaps you can relate to this?

Well, the other day I was sent an email from Rich Schefren, he is one of the biggest names in the industry, so I got uber-excited and opened the email…. then, the excitement dropped… he wanted me to promote his latest product.

Now, I like Rich, I saw a presentation he did once, and it was superb, but regular readers will know that I don’t promote affiliate products on here, never have, never will!

I was just about to delete and then I saw four little letters that changed everything… these letters were: F R E E

Now I was interested, so I asked for an advanced copy of The Attention Age Doctrine, Part II, and it arrived the next day.

All of my experiences and routines on the Internet suddenly made sense. The Doctrine explains that we are currently experiencing an information overload, and we have to adapt or die.

I am not going to spoil it for you, as you can grab a free copy yourself: Free Copy Here – It really has shone a light into my brainbox and I really feel that awareness is the first step.

I will leave you with one snippet of info that will put this into perspective… “There is more information in one weeks worth of The New York Times, than a human from 1900 would experience in their ENTIRE lifetime.”

I am not saying our brains are not capable of handling so much info overload so quickly, but they are certainly not used to it, and it is only going to get worse.

Seriously, I don’t promote anything on DeanHunt.com so when I do, you must know it has to be worth a look, especially when it has the four magic letters (all together now) : F R E E


PS: You will never believe what this monkey on YouTube just did! ;-)

  • http://thinklikethem.com Joshua

    It’s good stuff! I’m 1/3 through so far…

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt

    yes, it is one of the better products from 2007. Glad you are enjoying it.

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  • http://www.learnhomebusiness.com S. Kumar – Learnhomebusiness.com

    Hi Dean,

    Rich’s report is a good one. After reading
    it, I had the same sensation or reading
    “Future Shock’ many years back.

    But again,

    Information overload has always been there!
    It started from the day the wheel was invented!

    It’s all about how one learns to process
    the information that is meted out to us.

    Courteously — S. Kumar

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  • http://newsuccessonline.com Mark

    Hey Dean,

    Yeah, Rich’s report was excellent.

    Have to admit though, I liked your “Web Traffic Orgasm” better.

    Why? Because I can relate to it more…just like your post above.

    Take today, I was going to write a post and then I came across a blog with rare pics of 70s punk bands and then I …and then I …

    I know I have to be more focused but I don’t think I’ll ever be focused enough to be a mega-millionaire.

    And I can live with that.


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  • http://www.barrydunlop.com BarryD

    Hey Dean, Great Post

    Rich has done an amazing job with The Attention Age Doctrine – spot on for our times — and you and me in particular ;-)


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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt


    Thanks for the kind words.

    I should point out that it was the “web traffic orgasm” CASE STUDY you read, not the actual book.

    Quick plug: the full book is out soon. ;-)


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  • http://imtrip.com Tom

    Thanks for sharing this. Starting to read it just now.

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  • http://unitedholland.com Michael Roeten

    Hi Dean and Honored Guests,
    I read the web traffic orgasm report and just published a post about it today. The reason is that I want to share all the good useable information and tools with my fellow Adventurers.

    About the post,
    the title is from a line in your book which I thought makes great link bait:
    “Most Webmasters Make a Fatal Mistake with Buzz Marketing & Money” – the translation of that without Webmaster in Dutch: Meeste Maken een Fatale Fout met Buzz Marketing en Geld.

    I omitted the word Webmaster in the Dutch title, because I believe this information serves a much wider audience. It will want you to become a webmaster.

    I will be buzzing it tomorrow, but my RSS readers already got the first scoop.

    Your book and Rich’s are good additions to the 2007 Web2.0 Authority Black book I received earlier two months ago. They followed up with another killer book “Bending The Web”. It all sure makes for a delightful read this latter part of 2007. And reading isn’t any good if you don’t act on it. So that’s what I plan to keep doing.

    All the Best,

    Michael Roeten
    Dutch Social Network

    P.s. I don’t know if the title will be link bait, but I have a hunch.

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  • http://unitedholland.com Michael Roeten

    Sorry, I noticed I forgot to mention something.
    Just a note about the two books I mentioned above:
    They’re free also!

    Just so you know. :)


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