I Am Livid


This morning I awarded the “Doesn’t Suck” award to one of my all time favourite blogs.

If you do not know what the doesn’t suck award is, then read the Doesnt suck award page

So what is Iamlivid.com?

I am livid is a blog from a guy in the UK who goes by the name of Mr Angry. In his blog he tells stories from his day to day life that almost always end up with him getting angry with something or someone.

Recently he wrote about seeing a group of women on a hen night, only to find out that they were all married.

The sense of humour in Mr Angrys writing style is one of the best I have ever seen, and if you have ever lived in the UK then this is a MUST READ.

I would really love to see Mr Angry eventually get a book deal, but for now I will continue to read his amsuing rants and I hereby award him the life changing Doesn’t suck award.

Check out I am livid today.