I Am Being Blackmailed



Once you reach a certain level of success, it seems to bring certain characters out of the woodwork. They want to bring you down, and they think they deserve a share of your success.

I experienced this recently when I was sent a threatening blackmail video.

If you have a weak heart, blood condition, or are not comfortable with the prospect of a killer bunny being held captive, then I suggest you don’t watch it.

Other marketers from Jack Humphrey to Jason Moffatt have shown their support. But to be honest, I don’t think I have much of a choice here, so I am going to comply with his demands.

Here are my 7 Secrets:

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  • http://jakecpunut.com Jake

    Man… I dunno what skurs me the most.. that cat, or Joe in that boggin hahah

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  • http://technobuz.com Sham

    Ha..ha..Be safe..Call 911 immediately..LOLZ

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  • http://mindofkennedy.co.uk Kennedy

    so long as he doesn’t strap his hair-style to your head you’ll be fine…

    Hairstyle king

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  • http://greatestreviews.net/ Agent 001

    Hey Spiderman was written on the cap. Nice video to market you tips.

    Time to make your Bunnies take some military training. Make them take some karate classes too. They need to self defend themselves.

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  • http://www.tonyteegarden.com Tony Teegarden

    Absolute goodness. I know Joe and he is generally a calm & cool dude. You must have really upset him for him to take action against the bunny :-0

    This was great stuff lol. Oh and the Max Traffic tips don’t suck either :-)

    I appreciate the tips!

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  • lkj

    what A BUNCH O CRAP

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