How-to Quickly Create a Visible and Credible Personal Brand


Are you looking to generate a profitable personal brand that will be popular, respected, and liked?

Here are some tips to help achieve a visible and credible brand… that I wish I knew when I was starting out:

What Makes Your Brand Different?

1) First start with who you are and one area that makes you different… for example, perhaps you like to add humour to your work, perhaps you are angry with the way the rest of the industry works, and want to rebel against it, perhaps you focus on a specific area… choose one aspect of your character and then magnify it.

Content is King

2) Content is King – regular, high quality content is a great way of getting respect…. but, if you are just starting out, then I recommend trying a guest blogging strategy… in other words, for every 3 blog posts you write, offer one of them on a competitor’s blog. This will get you recognised, it will get you free traffic, you get credibility through association, and you are networking with other big names.

Promote Your Content

3) Use what I just this minute decided to call the content circle of life….

Quite simply, you create the content, publish it, then tweet it, facebook it, email it to your list, mention on any relevant forums, email friends and contacts, submit to any relevant sites and then repeat for each new piece of content. People dont magically find content, you have to get it out there, especially at the beginning. So each time you have an idea for content, go through the circle of steps.

Interviews Are Gold

4) Interview your competitors, ideally via Skype. This is not only great content, but it gives you huge credibility and networking benefits.

Toot Your Own Horn

5) Don’t be afraid of saying you are THE xxxxxx

e.g THE UK Buzz Marketing Expert, or THE Wackiest Pumbing Expert online etc…

99% of those titles cannot be judged in any way… for example, you cant say you are THE heavyweight boxing champion of the world, because there is a system and a set of qualifiers to determine that, but how do we know who is really the best when it comes to information?

You can also say things like “I am considered by many as the best at xxxx” even if those “many” are your blog readers and a few family members, it is technically still true.

If you don’t do this, your competitors will.

Money Is Where the Fear Is

6) Do the things that scare other people…. speak on stage at events, write a book, try and get on tv and radio, do videos for content etc…. money is where the fear is.

And most importantly, enjoy and have fun.


PS: If you would like me to guide you by the hand on this, I now offer one-to-one coaching. email me at for more info.

  • Agent Deepak

    Nice tips Dean. I have learned something new from it. Hoping to implement them.

    Is the one-on-one coaching you are providing free?
    Agent Deepak´s last blog ..Back to Basics: What is Blogging? My ComLuv Profile

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  • John Paul

    Nice tips. Toot my own horn,, fine line between tooting true and tooting with exagerated info.

    So toot, but toot in reason, or you will come off as a blow

    I toot like this. “I’m not genius or expert, BUT I have put in the time and energy to find the things that work, work for me, and can work for you, and they are XXXX etc..”

    That’s a NON blow hard self
    John Paul´s last blog ..Make Money Blogging: Tips To Earn More With Your Blog My ComLuv Profile

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  • David Walker

    Hi Dean,

    You make some great points in this post and I am pleased to say I will be hitting most of what you noted in the above hard in 2010 – yes, my horn will be well and truly tooted!

    Guest blog posts? Check.

    Interviews? Check.

    More videos? Check.

    Speaking on stage? Erm, I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

    Speak to you soon to get that interview done ;-)

    David Walker´s last blog ..Live Webinar – Tuesday 22 December 5pm EST My ComLuv Profile

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  • Chris

    “Money is where the fear is”

    That is an excellent quote. I’ve never thought about it like that.
    Chris´s last blog ..Investing Tip – Never Invest Money You Need Right Now My ComLuv Profile

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  • Brandon

    All my life I have went unnoticed, and now I have the POWER to be invisible! (Sorry, Mystery Men Quote)

    Solid post mate!!
    Following those 6 steps could change someones life if applied.
    I plan on doing the guest post, and interviews soon myself. I think folks put more into guest post than they do stuff on there own blogs. For instance I know Ramit Sethi (probably misspelled:) over at I Will Teach You to Be Rich (great book) spent several days writing an article to get on the FourHourWorkweek Blog from @TFerris.

    I nice tip he gave was not only was the article great content and original, but he made it very easy for Tim by doing all the work, formatting the article and such, where all Tim had to do was basically copy and paste to his blog.

    Anyways I thought that was a good tip. Make it easy to do business with you, be original, and you will have good success.

    Nice post and enjoy Zoolander:)
    Brandon´s last blog ..Overnight Success Takes a Lifetime My ComLuv Profile

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  • Tammy

    What’s the status of Blistering Success? Are you guys doing more eps?
    Tammy´s last blog ..But what is the main app? My ComLuv Profile

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  • El Sonambulo

    Great Image!! I love it!!!!
    El Sonambulo´s last blog ..Navidad y los locos My ComLuv Profile

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  • Dean Hunt


    Ciaran is moving house, so we are going to re-launch the site, bigger and better in January.


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  • Jose Anajero

    “99% of those titles cannot be judged in any way”

    I like that.

    I enjoy reading yours posts. You present wise advice with humor. So effective!

    Thanks Dean.

    Jose Anajero´s last blog ..Merry Christmas To All My ComLuv Profile

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  • Jean

    Hi Dean,
    I was reading through a site Notes From Spain and stumbled on an interview with you over there.
    And as you mentioned, do interviews, that certainly brought me over to your site so very valuable tip…

    I pretty much started blogging, making really good progress so far, over 100k visitors last month, I feel now that with your advice I can increase hugely.

    Thanks so much for a great blog and the interview that brought me here :)
    Jean´s last blog ..Happy New Year My ComLuv Profile

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