How-to Leverage & Opportunity Filter


Dean Hunt pondering his big "ah-ha moments" in Sydney

I just got back from a two week trip to Sydney, Australia. I have many embarrassing stories (and photos) for you, but today, I wanted first to share with you the two biggest “ah-ha” moments from my trip, so that they can benefit you and your business.

Ah-ha Number One: Leverage

If you are going to put time and effort into something, you want to get the maximum leverage from it as possible.

So for example, if you do a 30 minute audio interview, you can have that audio transcribed into a report by a virtual assistant, you can then sell the audio and report, perhaps email it to your subscribers etc…

Heck, even as I am writing this email to you, I am thinking: “It is almost no extra effort to copy and paste this into a new blog post”.

I spoke at Fast Web Formula in Sydney last week, and whilst it was a LOT of effort, I leveraged that by getting a DVD of my parts which I can sell as a product, I also networked with people I admire, and I built a new following… same effort, multiple leverage.

How can you leverage your efforts?

Ah-ha Number Two: Opportunity Filtering

Dean Hunt and James Schramko at Fast Web Formula

I love opportunities, I live for them… I have been known to say that “opportunity is the gatekeeper to profit”.

However, opportunity can also be a HUGE distraction… which can lead to spreading yourself too thin, never completing projects (I have had this problem before), and being distracted.

There must come a time in every entrepreneur’s life where you have to say no to opportunity.

It can be a hard thing to do though…

Just last week I had a 7-figure affiliate genius giving my strategies on how to make thousands of dollars per DAY with web 2.0 sites. It took every ounce of my strength to not want to scrap my existing plans and projects and focus on that instead.

What’s more, two people at the event were representatives for the leading speaking organisations in the world.

One of them asked if I would be interested in speaking at three HUGE events later this year, we are not talking crappy pitch-fests here, these are speaking gig invites that professional speakers aspire to get… another even offered to be my management team and book me high-profile speaking gigs all over the world.

It is quite feesable that the speaking opportunities alone could be worth $300,000+ per year to me, but remember, opportunity can be a huge distractor.

What’s more, speaking isn’t something I love, need or want to do a lot of… so it would have been going against my passions and skills to do it.

I truly think that reaching the point where you can turn down opportunities and focus on the already existing projects, is a huge step, and I am proud I have reached that milestone. I have to say that on the flight home, I was very proud of myself for turning down these opportunities, and I am now uber-focused on the projects that need to be completed.

Trust me, “shiny object syndrome” as I call it, can be the death of any business.

What “opportunities” are distracting you from the stuff you need to be doing?


Hopefully you can relate to some of the above, the Fast Web Formula event was one of, if not, the best event I have ever been to… if you would like to see some photos, vids, and even check out the awful chat-up lines I was using in Sydney (them poor girls), then add me as a friend on Facebook:

All the best,


  • James Schramko

    Oh dear:

    “DVD of my parts “…..

    .-= James Schramko´s last blog ..Free Report + Podcast Reveals Internet Marketing Experts Biggest Mistakes, Best Advice and Action Tips =-.

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  • Dean Hunt

    When will the innuendos ever end?!? ;-)

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  • Agent Deepak

    Ah ha Man.
    .-= Agent Deepak´s last blog ..Readers Are Your Very First Priorities =-.

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  • Stacey

    Hi Dean
    Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

    Sometimes instead of helping my clients with their marketing I end up helping them keep their blinders on.

    Of course I also struggle with Bright Shiny Object Syndrome (forex trading?) but in the last 2 years I have learned to say no even when things look fun and interesting.
    Guess there is a reason the super fast race horses and the work horses wear those blinders!

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  • Kenny Goodman

    Sounds like I need to some opportunity filtering aha moments!

    Great post Dean
    .-= Kenny Goodman´s last blog ..Aged Domains � White Hat or Grey Hat? =-.

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  • Belinda Faulkner

    Dean is that strange depression I’ve since FWF just missing your package?

    Seriously James is great with ah-ha wake ups like leverage, outsourcing and filtering. Having Peter Parks was just turning it from a nag to hit over the head.

    Loved your content. Barbs (of – dean hunt ringtones!) & I have even implemented your “system” to come up with a name for a new project. However we like our few options so much we may have to run a competition to pick the best one.

    So we filtered the opportunity, and will be leveraging our market for the best name and outsourcing the decision???!!!!

    You just look after that package Dean!
    .-= Belinda Faulkner´s last blog ..The Fast Web Formula Washup =-.

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  • Michelle

    Great article – it is certainly exciting to transition from needing one idea (“ANY idea will do!”) to having many ideas that seem to come from nowhere; the challenge is to know which to hold onto and which to pass on…

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  • Peter Palatnik

    You know Dean, this two ah-ha’s just closed one of my personal “secret circles”. I’m talking about one of the BIG 3 words any serious entrepreneur most be aware of in order to really grow their business and separate themselves from the rest.

    Let me explain…

    The first word: Perception
    Last year we talked a bit about “perception” and by now you and I both agree on its paramount importance. What people perceive ultimately believe and if your investing time, energy and money building a weak or wrong perception, is already game over.

    The second word: Strategy
    I believe there are two basic ways to think about doing business and that’s either opportunistically (that’s a big word isn’t it ;-) or strategically.

    I’m so glad you’re starting to do the later mate.

    The third word: Leverage
    My oh my, if time, money and energy is all we got to make thinks happen from the core, let’s better think to maximize the output we get from our input. So, besides a mind shift in strategic thinking, leverage will always do a killer duo with systematic thinking.

    So there it is!

    You really had quite a profitable and insightful trip my man, I’ll say “salud!” to that with a couple of beers! :-)

    Be extra-ordinary,

    P.S. Hope I didn’t sound to smart ass on this one mate…

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  • Dean Hunt

    Stacey, I love the reference to the racehorses and blinkers. Very cool.

    Belinda, haha, I still cant believe you created Dean Hunt ringtones… hilarious!!

    Michelle, absolutely, it is a tough challenge, but it can be done.

    Pete, you smartarse!! haha, just kidding, good stuff amigo. I like the two types of doing business reference, very true.

    .-= Dean Hunt´s last blog ..How-to Leverage & Opportunity Filter =-.

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  • Tristen Royal

    Hey Dean,

    This post really spoke to me. I’ve heard other pros talk about “Shiny Object Syndrome” and I KNOW i’ve got it bad.

    I’ve been trying to put a business together helping local businesses. I’ve spent a lot of time researching, putting the site together, all that jazz- but it’s not my passion and I’m finding it to be quite a fight to ‘keep at it’. What makes it worse is that earlier this week, on a whim, I put together a site that’s kind of been a dream of mine. I am passionate about it, and I know I want to do it, but I also want to “finish” my other “project” (business) at least to the point where it’s profiting. I’m tired of spending months of my life on something and then switching over to another interest. I have a short attention span and a lot of great ideas, and I know it handicapps me.

    Besides the fact that I’m tired of never finishing anything (I didn’t even finished high school, dropped out JR. year and I only have two classes left- drives my parents ape shit)I’m also in a situation where money is very tight, and I really believe I can make my local business profit.

    I guess my questions are these:

    One: What would you do (or suggest I do)?
    Two: How do I MAKE myself get to the finish line even when I’ve lost interest in it?

    Tristen Ryan Royal

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  • Tristen Royal

    “I didn’t even finished highschool”.


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  • Andrew@BloggingGuide

    Turning down opportunities is a new thing to me. I’ve always heard to not let opportunities pass you by. But, in this article of yours, you have a point. I remember a time in my life when I had to turn down a high-paying job to pursue the love of my life right now which is blogging. You are right, there are times when you really need to turn down opportunities.
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  • Barbara Griffin

    Rock on Dean. Hope you are going to come back to Aus.!
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  • cbpredator

    there’s no better school than life itself IMHO
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  • Jim Hill

    Another great article. You really outdid yourself.
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  • Darren Cruz

    Why do I always enjoy reading your blogs,Dean? :)
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  • Jason Fox

    I really learned a lot from your blogs. That is why I can’t stop myself from coming back to this site.
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  • 52tube

    Great article – it is certainly exciting to transition from needing one idea (“ANY idea will do!”) to having many ideas that seem to come from nowhere; the challenge is to know which to hold onto and which to pass on…

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  • arsizvideo

    Rock on Dean. Hope you are going to come back to Aus.!

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