How To Hire 1000 Sales People for FREE


Are you wearing socks? Well prepare for them to be quite literally blown off! I am going to share a story with you that includes:

* An army of 1,000 sales people
* A secret civilisation of underground mole people
* My Ass-Tastic hemorrhoid cream
* MY $30,000 intensive self-education

Once upon a time there was a man called Bob.

The End.

Just joking…

Once upon a time there was a man called Bob who had a business selling hemorrhoid cream door to door. Bob drove around his town on his bike and would speak to each person directly. In an 8 hour day Bob managed to speak to 100 people, and on average he made 2 sales per day.

Despite a 2% success rate (not bad) Bob soon went bankrupt, lost his family, his house and his mind… he can now be found living under a bridge where he claims he speaks with the underground mole people.

Bob had a friend called Jim who decided to also try selling hemorrhoid cream, but instead of doing it on his own, he hired 2 more people as well. Also, he hired 3 people to sell via the phone.

Jim did 5 times as many sales as Bob, but his expenses were huge, so Jim went out of business as well. He hit the bottle, and is now an alcoholic.

The third person was called Dean Hunt…. Dean was too lazy to bother going door to door, so he hired 1,000 sales people to sell his “Ass-Tastic” hemorrhoid cream. But this was no ordinary sales team:

* They worked for free.
* They worked 24/7
* They worked 365 days a year… including Christmas
* They ALWAYS did an almost perfect sales pitch. They never stuttered, forgot their lines, or failed to get the message across correctly.

Within 12 months Dean had moved to Madrid, was highly successful, and was living the life of Riley.

So how did Dean manage to build an army of 1,000 almost perfect sales people for FREE?

Dean mastered a technique that is now starting to be recognised as by far the most powerful skill ANY webmaster can learn…


But Dean, I have no interest in legally protecting ideas and patents. No, that is copyright, not copywriting.

Copywriting is basically the art of being able to persuade people via your writing, kinda salesmanship on paper.

What Dean did was to create 1,000 sales letters and publish them on 1,000 domains on the net. He used SEO and PPC to drive traffic, and his sales team (sales letters) did the rest.

Brilliant! A sales team that doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep, doesn’t pester you, take time off when they are hungover, need 4 vacations per year etc…

It is the perfect sales team!

I must make a confession, when I first heard about copywriting I thought it didn’t apply to me, I thought it wouldn’t be useful, I thought it was only for those cheesy spammers who sell crap via the mail. However, boy was I wrong!

I spoke with people in America who were making hundreds of thousands of dollars PER MONTH simply from their copywriting skills. I have heard so many stories and seen so much evidence that there is no longer any doubt in my mind that this is the single most important skills I can master.

So what did I do?

Well, to date I have spent over 10k on copywriting courses, products, audio, seminars etc… I also used to think that all this sort of stuff was a load of crap as well, but I will discuss self-education more in future posts.

By the time I have finished I will have spent over 30k on this intensive self-education.

I am picking up some real killer tips and techniques that have been proven to work and are already working for me. So what I am going to do is share some of them on here. I will cut out all the chaff and put my own DeanHunt spin on it, I will then post some of the info on here… I will post some of it to my VIP email list (if you are not on then get on), and I have another idea as well that I will be discussing tomorrow.

Anyway, question time…

Have you ever learned any copywriting before?
Would you like to learn?

Leave your thoughts here. Don’t be shy.



PS: You don’t have to be restricted to 1,000 sales people in your army ;-)

  • marian

    No experience here, but I still feel like I could redo some stuff.

    Teach me and I’ll serve in order to achieve the greater good. :P

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  • Keith

    Great information Dean! I look forward to learning more about this. We are looking for something that will help us and our Affiliates grow.

    Again, Good Job! Great Article with my morning cup of coffee!


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  • Alex Goad

    Great on the hole!

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  • Dean Hunt

    Alex – I should name this week the official “ass based jokes and puns week” ;-)

    I must confess they were very cheeky.

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  • Byron Rode

    Hemorrhoids, creams… Ass-Tastic!!!
    I nearly pissed my self with that name.

    Now, lets increase those sales…

    I call it Super-Ass-Tastic, now with mint. Not only will you feel better but your ass will smell better too…

    Ok though, ass jokes aside, I am looking forward to those mails.

    Copywrite experience? I have a bit, but nothing to write home about…

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  • icedragon

    Hey, that same idea cross my mind yesterday !!, I was checking some stuff in internet (where else ??) and I came across a sale letter from someone of the network marketing company that I am in, the first thing that you think, its a scam !!, but I can’t stop to think if it is a good idea to do that, well, it seems that not only is a good idea, is the best . . .

    PS Yes, I want to know more . . .

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  • Chuck

    They All Laughed When Dean Hunt Tried To Teach Copywriting To A Backwoods Bubba From BFE But They Were Astonished When His Sales Letter Produced Over 1,000,000 Sales Of His New Hemorrhoid Cream.

    Are You Tired Of Sending Out Direct Mail Only To Discover That You Suck At Copywriting?

    Who Else Wants to Learn How Dean Hunt Taught A Total Skeezebucket How to Make A 100 Grand With Copywriting?

    I’ll certainly pay attention to any copywriting tips you have.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Very amusing ;-)

    We really all should get together and start marketing this Hemorrhoid Cream.


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  • marian

    There is something you seem to forget. If we plan to do so, we need something to work on. So: Hemorrhoids ftw!

    btw I’d bet my ass that web-related work increases your chance of needing ass-tastic help one day.

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  • Jimmy A.

    Hi Dean.

    If there is one thing that I have realized but been procrastinating on is copywriting but I have absolutely no experience in the art. I would love to learn it from someone who undoubtedly will make it a pleasant experience to learn. Being in the financial crapper that I’m in doing my own copywriting would be a huge weapon to succeed online for me.

    Jimmy A.

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  • Viqi French

    The money you spent learning copywriting was well worth it! This post was written so engagingly, I read every bit of it; that’s not something I usually can do on peoples’ blogs.

    I, too, write copy and am a “PR gal” by profession. Look me us sometime if ever you need a hand!


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  • Dean Hunt


    Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!

    Feel free to contact me any time.


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  • Phillip Stark

    Why don’t you give us an imaginary product to write sales copy for, then you could pick a winner and perhaps analyze why it works, and where others failed…

    just an idea..


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  • Dean Hunt


    I was thinking something similar as well, I just may do that.


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  • Anoop Kumar

    Viqi’s site ( have 7 page indexed at google still it’s PR 3
    Dean can you tell me why?

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  • adhitya

    can u teach me how to do good copywriting?

    i really needed that stuff

    and thanks for the share…:D

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  • adhitya

    can u teach me copywriting?

    i really needed that stuff..

    and thanks for the stuff…:D

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  • Discoon

    I suppose you will teach us about “step by step how to”.

    You get three idea from my comment.

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