How To Get Your Very Own Entourage


Have you ever wondered how cool and potentially life changing it would be to have your very own entourage? Just like the celebs have…

Over the past couple of months I have been slowly building my very own entourage, a team of people that make my life easier, happier and more productive. But here is the best part… it is nowhere near as expensive as you may think.

Today I am going to share the details of my entourage, including the costs and benefits, and who knows, this time next week, you could live the celebrity lifestyle as well.

Entourage Member #1: The Cleaner

The cleaner is not exactly the most glamourour of positions in my entourage, but it is one of the most useful.

I have a cleaner that comes to my home twice per week for one hour, and ensures the place is spotless (oh, and even does my ironing).

As well as saving me a lot of stress, it saves me approx 4 hours cleaning per week, as I am much slower than she is. I pay $13 per hour, and frankly, I live in an expensive area, so you should be able to get one for $10 or less generally.

Weekly Cost: $26

Time Saved: 4 hours

Entourage Member #2: The PA/Secretary/Assistant

I recently hired someone to help me organise my life. Specifically, all accounting and paperwork aspects.

I am notoriously un-organised and messy, so she comes round once per week and collects invoices, receipts, mail, prepares my accounts, pays my bills and organises my contacts.

I can’t even begin to tell you the stress and worry this saves me, and that frees up my mind to get on with being creative.

What’s more, it saves me at least 2 hours per week on average.

Weekly Cost: $16

Time Saved: 2 hours

Entourage Member #3: The Hypnotist

I may go into more detail about my hypnotist and what he does for me (if anyone is interested leave a comment), but essentially, I have seen him twice, with the aim of becoming more comfortable in public speaking.

I only really need to see him twice per year, but I will probably do 4 times per year this year.

The hypnotist doesn’t save me any time, but he opens up new doors and possibilities, things that could transform my life for ever.

Weekly Cost (based on 4 sessions per year at approx $75 per session): $5.76 per week

Time Saved: Zero

Life enhancement value: Potentially huge

Entourage Member #4: The Gym Trainer

I joined a local golf course, and as part of my payment, I got free access to the gym and other facilities. Part of this includes a session with a qualified trainer, and he/she will also spend time with you weekly to make sure your program is right for you, to motivate you, and to ensure you are using the equipment correctly.

I must stress this is NOT a personal trainer, but for me, it is everything I need to get into shape this winter.

It doesn’t save me any time, in fact, it uses 5 hours of my time per week, but, it keeps me mentally and physically sharp, improves my body and health, and it could add years to my lifespan.

Time Saved: Minus 5 hours

Weekly Cost: Technically it is free, but for the sake of fairness I will put the cost without golf = $10 per week

Entourage Member #5,6,7,8,9,10….: Lifestyle Management Team

When my bank heard that I was earning xxxxxxx per year, they told me about a premier service that they do for their “high-end” clients.

As well as VIP access to all airports, VIP tickets to major events, and tons of other stuff, it included my very own lifestyle management team.

This meant that I could call my UK based team and get them to plan and research my train journeys, or find me the best price for car insurance, or book me a hotel in LA, or find me a cleaner in my area who is insured and highly rated.

Basically, they can do pretty much anything to save me time, and I have already successfully used them numerous times.

I did once call them up at 1am when I was drunk with friends, and ask if they could get alcohol sent to my house, which the lady at the other end politely replied “sorry, sir, we cannot provide that service at the moment”.

I was very embarrassed the following day.

Time Saved: Approx one hour per week

Weekly Cost: Nothing


So there we have it. My very own entourage. I must stress that I also have people online who help me, but I wanted to focus solely on people in the offline world. I also haven’t bothered to include dentists, hair dressers etc… as they are standard practice.

I appreciate that not everyone can afford to do this, but it actually is not as expensive as you may think.

Total cost = $57.76 per week. Which is approx $230 per month.

What’s more, on the first day, my PA discovered a council tax ruling that said I could get a 25% discount. This saved me $50 per month, thus bringing the total down to $180 per month.

Also, excluding the time spent at the gym, which I see as essential, I save an average of 7 hours per week due to my entourage. Now, even if I valued my time at $50 per hour (it is vastly higher), that would be worth $350 per week, or $1,400 per month.

So if I use even a fraction of that free time correctly, I should come out well in profit from this.

Oh, and I am much more happy and stress free as well.

So there we have it, proof that you can create your very own celebrity-esque entourage in 2008 for a fraction of the investment that you would expect.

Question of the week: Having read this, would you now consider building your very own entourage?

  • Andy Lacey

    Thanks for the useful lifestyle snapshot Dean. Love the concept and may have to work towards it, if only to make me feel more important!

    #2: Guess the council tax thing is something you wouldn’t have known due to your circumstances and being out of the UK – I take it you got this backdated?

    #3: Presumed you would be a super-confident public speaker but it is a very unique proposition – good luck with it. Would be interested to know how it helps you.

    #5: I only wish I was earning enough to qualify for this service! Love the alcohol annecdote by the way!

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  • Dean Hunt


    #2: Yes, got it backdated. Is probably something I wouldn’t have found out on my own.

    #3: Most people presume that, even when they meet me face to face. Got a few little issues to work through first, but I WILL get there, and aim to be on Oprah within 3 years ;-)

    #5: You can just ask your bank and they will charge you for it each month, but it is quite expensive, so I wouldn’t bother. Good to have a goal to aim for though.

    Glad you enjoyed the anecdote. hehe

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  • geomark

    Hypnosis is good, but try meditation. It’s something you practice daily and it will do wonders for your quality of mind. As you get better at it you will find it far more powerful than any other method to develop you mind.

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  • Mark Wilde


    I look forward to adding to my entourage of one so far, a tax accountant who keeps up with the latest rules so I happily don’t have to.

    Don’t know if this will help speed your progress with #3, but I made huge progress in public speaking by changing my POV…

    As a college senior in a class required for graduation I had to give a 5-minute lecture to just 3 of my peers and a teacher’s assistant. I prepared what to say, but as I touched the door handle to the lecture room I was gripped by fear. I removed my hand and started walking away. Immediately I got a vision of not graduating and living under a bridge, so I turned around, survived the painful lecture and graduated.

    Fast forward two years to my next public speech – at my corporate job to a room of 150 executives. It was fun – a breeze! What was different? Mainly 3 things, I think:

    Audience focus:
    Recognize that most of them would rather die than be up here. (Or picture them naked and vulnerable.) Turns any fear into compassion. Puts everybody at ease. Also, I always try to present something that makes them laugh, relax and establish rapport.

    Competence focus:
    I pump up my confidence by recalling everything I’m good at or like about myself. Craftsmanship… That I never bought into any religion… The flying save I made in beach volleyball over the weekend. Yeah, I rock!

    Value focus:
    The audience is here to get value and I’m going to deliver it! So, what’s the problem?

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  • Dean Hunt


    Thanks for the comment, I have heard nothing but great things about you, so I value what you have to say very highly.

    Speak soon.


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  • Steve Garfield

    Chris Brogan sent me. Nice bunnies!

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  • Darko

    Mark Wilde I think the main contributor to your great corporate speech was the fact that you already gave one…that’s just my opinion.

    I can imagine giving a public speech now to a lot of people I don’t know. Why? That subconscious block is removed.

    Dean this may be little strange alternative to you…but have you thought about pickup? lol

    Demonic confidence is a great way to start with it. 21 days you have missions to approach random girls..damn it’s so easy for you there in UK where your time is flexible…(just I forgot you’re married so be warned: keep it a secret from your wife :) ).

    One of the best hypnotics is Lucas West you might want to consider contacting him as I think he’s one of the best people in the world to help you remove any anxiety. Regards

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  • Dean Hunt


    Yes, I have thought about pickup, in fact, I have been doing it a lot as a way of improving my skills for public speaking.

    I wrote about it a few days ago on another blog, I will do a blog post on DeanHunt about it tomorrow.


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  • Dean Hunt

    Oh, and for info, I am single, not married.

    Thanks for the advice.


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  • Dawn

    Would love a “cleaner!” (Although by the title thought it was something so much more exciting than a housekeeping service.) I don’t think I could find one for $10/hour though… more like $30-ish around here in NY. It’s an idea I’ve been toying with for quite some time and my goal is to earn enough money freelance writing to justify hiring someone, even for just once a week!

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  • Darko

    Dean it was a good post just a bit too general.

    Being in the pickup community more than you and having some friends that are there in over 30 years (I have a friend who’s there from 13 lol and he’s now 25) I think I need to give you some piece of advice:

    1) Chris Brogan mentioned VH1 Mystery show. F*** that. Mystery is full of routines. Actually, do you know that Mystery once was in a suicidal clinics? He wanted to take his life. Yeah, I suppose you don’t wanna learn from a person like this. While some of his routines work and are great, his whole approach in my opinion is a bit flawed because it is based TOTALLY on routines. Where’s the part of ‘showing your personality’ and not actually hiding behind some ‘pickup artist persona’?

    Body language is good. It’s just that it’s garbage to focus on it. David De Angelo has put this right I think in his book DYD. Focusing on the body langauge, the way you move your arms etc is stupid…just relax don’t get your arms crossed relax your shoulders…that’s it.

    Here’s the bummer: While most dating books will give you some clues about women…reading them with hope you gonna get better with women is brain masturbation. It’s like reading internet marketing books with hope that reading more and more will make you rich. You need to take action. How to take action?

    Programs. Demonic confidence is a progressive conditioning approach which is kinda good but if you’re a beginner maybe it might not be suitable for you…the first day is to ask 30 women for the time as quickly as possible which is even kind of ‘too push yourself’ for me…plan to finally do those 30 approaches tomorrow because I’ve been struggling with not being able to do more than 10 approaches in a pressure and s*** :) There’s some other programs as street approach which is kind of more relaxed starts with asking 1 woman for the time and then going up to 22. Then you go up to some ‘harder’ missions.

    cognitive behavioral therapy has also a good training it’s good for shy people…although it is NOT only for shy people it is also for people that have somewhat anxieties of approaching women.

    But the basics come to going to streets, clubs and approaching. That’s how you gonna influence your unconscious mind that’s blocking you from…going to the hottest girl on the street and asking her on joke: Hey, wanna f***? (there’s some videos on youtube on guys doing this btw)

    As for your ‘inner game’ there’s one good guy from UK who knows well about this his website is It worked on many people on removing anxieties while not only approaching but doing…anything.

    I’ve personally been a very, VERY shy person 2 years ago. I couldn’t even talk to a girl in a friendly manner. Now’s very different. I can talk to any woman with ease and even start flirting. I’m starting to work on that part more though. So, there’s something I must know about this stuff, right?

    Also online dating is a great way for practicing skills with women…I’ve been to one date but screwed that up LOl…but now took 3 numbers from MSN and hi5 and I’m on the way to scheduling those dates :) …like David D. says…fail forward FAST. Learned that also from experience, the more you fail forward, the more faster you learn.

    There’s nothing more gratifying that the ability to express your personality without any constrains. On stage, on the street when talking to a stranger girl…ANYWHERE. Believe me, I’ve experienced this in the past days it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world.

    Btw, if you’re looking for pickup ‘gurus’ the best in my opinion are: Tyler Durden and Social Dynamics, David Di Carlo (for clues, not for training material), Lucas West (the guy from Demonic confidence), Nein Strauss (I haven’t read the Game but tried his Style Life academy where you have some approaching lessons too) and the inner game guy.

    Hope this helped.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Great advice, many thanks.

    Funnily enough, approach anxiety is not something I really struggle with. I will check out your suggestions though.

    You rock.


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  • Maik

    Hi Darko,

    Did you finish daemonic confidence ? I’m thinking about doing it myself, but it takes a lot of time and approaching girls isn’t a problem anymore.

    .-= Maik´s last blog ..hypnosis transformation =-.

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