How to Be a Creative Genius Overnight


Have you ever wanted to be able to come up with extremely creative ideas to grow your business or to simply look cool?

Below are some entertaining, short, informative and rather strange videos I made for a new show entitled “Creative Genius Exposed” The goal of the show is to demystify “creative genius” and give actionable blueprints that anyone can apply to their situation.


Episode 1 – How to Come Up With Killer Design Ideas


Episode 2 – How to Standout and Be Remembered With Your Branding.


Please share your thoughts, questions, suggestions and more in the comments below.


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  • Dean Hunt

    Please share your thoughts, questions, suggestions and more in the comments below.

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    • Ricardo Crane

      hi Dean, I have just finished my first degree and setting to become one the greatest inspirational speakers. I’m also starting up a leadership organization this year but need more direction and advice on how to start this. Can you please help me out.

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  • Lisa Ormenyessy

    Inspired by Dean Hunt…. executed by my 12 & 14 yo son, last easter :)
    Thought you’d appreciate it Dean :)

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  • Darren Hoehne

    Hey Dean!!!!

    Loving the videos mate. I’m trying solo hard to think of a different angle for my business. Thanks for getting the juices flowing…creative juices I mean… Doh, that sounds worse.

    I’ll stop and finish by saying “thanks!!”

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    • Darren Hoehne

      I mean I’m trying sooo hard. I hate predicted text… Aaaggghhhh.

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  • Shaqir Hussyin

    Mr Hunt, been a while bro.
    HA! the first video was great Deanooo!

    checked that Groupon unsubscribe lol, great stuff – gave me a few idea’s on what i could do.


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