How-to Be a Great Public Speaker


I merely dabble in the world of public speaking, but I have friends and contacts who are incredible at it.

So I asked one of the entertainers I admire most, to create some info for you guys, and to give you a glimpse into the mind of someone who gets paid to speak/entertain.

His name is Kennedy, and he specialises in mind-based magic/mind-control. (it is very cool)

He compiled a 60-page book with his tips, guides and tricks to improving your speaking skills, and is giving it away, no opt-ins or registration required.

Grab your copy here:

mind of kennedy


  • FredericSharp

    I have read Kennedy’s book and it is highly recommended If you are looking to get into public speaking, get it now!

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  • Magicien Paris

    Thanks for sharing this with us Kennedy!

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