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I do a lot of webinars, they are by far the most powerful tool in my business, and are red hot right now…

I have tested over 10 different webinar providers, and short of spending a fortune ($1 per attendee per hour) with one service, and then there is Adobe connect, which costs a small fortune… I found Gotowebinar to be the best low-mid range webinar provider.

All was good, business rocketed, I rejoiced, and heck, I even treated myself to a beer (good times)… but like any good story, there was a dark evil force, it’s name was “audio issues”.

Twice in the space of a week audio issues attacked my webinar, although everything was setup correctly at my end, and everything looked fine on the gotowebinar dashboard, the audience couldn’t hear a single word I was saying. Darn you audio issues!!!

Lot’s of research didn’t help, and I remember thinking “it would be awesome if there was a handsome, young blogger out there that shared the solution to this gotowebinar problem, so that in future, nobody will have to go through the frustration I had”.

So, after speaking to… well, interrogating the gotowebinar support staff, they gave a reason for the problem, and a solution…

Transcript below, and then my summary thoughts follow:

Jamie A. (10:28:07):
Some of the audio issues that are happening are at our end - our entire engineering team is working to resolve them currently.  What I recommend is if you see a toll-free number available to dial into and you have not purchased our toll-free service, that number addition is causing issues on our lines.
Jamie A. (10:28:12):
Here are instructions if you see this happen:  1. Find the Webinar in list of Webinars in the GoToMeeting Software in the “my webinars” section 
2. Edit the Webinar impacted (list below)
3. Open the country list for the Webinar by selecting “Audio” from the “Change Session Settings” drop down menu.
4. Select the “Add more countries” link
5. Select the desired countries (make sure at least one additional country is selected), and close the country selection dialog. 
6. Click ‘Done’ in the dialog.
7. On the “Audio” page select the checkbox next to “Notify all affected participants of changes above.”
8. Click “Save.”  This sends an email to your participants containing the update audio information.

Your handsome hero (10:30:08):
ok, I did see a toll free option on the affected webinar… could I not just ensure that I dont use that in future?

Jamie A. (10:31:13):
The issue that our engineers are working on is how that number is randomly being assigned to accounts that do not have toll-free as an option.  What I recommend is to check the numbers you have for your Webinars and make sure you do not see toll-free listed.  If you do, follow the instructions to reset the audio options.

Your handsome hero (10:31:43): Woohoo… finally a solution, I should blog about this to help others who have the same problems.*

Jamie A. (10:32:10): Indeed you should, you handsome, sexy, charismatic beast you….. I love you, hold me in your arms and tell me everything is going to be ok.*

*Note* Those last two parts may or may not have been invented by me **

** They were invented by me


Despite the issues above, I have had more technical issues from Twitter and Facebook in the past 10 days than I have had using webinar software in the past 12 months… fact of the matter is that the Internet will NEVER be 100% reliable, so always have a plan B.

This is my plan B

I added Facebook comments to keep the interactivity and allow people to ask questions.

Hopefully ‘audio issues’ from gotowebinar has now been slayed, but I feel this post will help others avoid any frustration, so good luck.


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