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Part of being a successful business man is to admit when you have a weakness and find a solution.

So I am not going to be like most other Internet Marketers and pretend I am great at everything, I am going to publicly hold my hands up and say this:

“I, Dean Hunt, need help with Google Adwords and PPC advertising.”

To be more specific, I am using Adwords for the first time EVER. I can get huge amounts of traffic for free, so I have never had to use Adwords before, but I think it is about time I started testing it.

* So, are you good with PPC?

* Are you currently making a profit due to PPC and Adwords?

* Have any of my free products and blog posts helped you in the past?

If so, I would like to speak to you.

I would like you to go through some PPC experiments with me, and I can learn by watching in real time. I will record all the info, and then heavily promote you and your business once we are finished.


Email me at:

  • Tom

    If I was an expert I’d help, but I have to learn some more too.
    If nobody helps (but I doubt so), there is this guide

    You can read it free online or buy the printed book.

    (I finally built a contact page, thanks)

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  • Ryan

    I have used Adwords before but wouldn’t call myself an expert, well here is some of my advice,

    1) turn “content network” off until you have a lot experience using adwords (increases your CTR and gives you better quality of traffic)

    2) keep adgroups small and targeted (max 25 keywords per adgroup)

    3) create a landing page for each adgroup (targeted to that adgroups keyowrds)

    4)make sure you include “about us” “FAQ” “disclaimer”…etc pages on you landing page (increases your quality score)

    5) use dynamic keyword insertion. (can have a big impact on your CTR)

    send me a message if you have any questions


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  • CY

    hey dean:

    I copy one of your headline in the orgasm report and it helped to skyrocket my CTR and slash CPC.

    I emailed you some times back about this but haven’t hear from you.


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  • Dean Hunt

    Well, 48 hours later and I have what can only be described as the worst CTR in the history of adwords ;-)



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  • Ryan

    Wow that is a low CTR…lol,
    The fastest way to increase ctr is to add dynamic keyword insertion,
    shoemoney has an interesting post on that here:

    he also covers what he calls “the arrow trick” which if you can fit in with your ad copy should bring that CTR up.

    Of course seen as Buzz and Viral marketing is your specialty it probable isn’t a problem with your ad copy :-)

    If i had to take a guess as to why your ctr is so low i would say you probably have to many broad keywords and your landing page isn’t relevant enough to these keywords, these two combined will give you a poor quality score leaving your ads in the last position…. but this is only a guess seen as i don’t know anything about this campaign (other than the ctr).

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  • Jehan

    Holla there!

    I don’t know if I could be any help, but if you’re looking for an E-book about Adwords, I got one from Brad Callen. If you want it, just yell and I’ll give it to you for free. Or consider it as a thank-you for your Web Traffic Orgasm thing. Gotta love that report!

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  • Free Domain Name Finder

    Hey Dean,

    I am FAR from even knowing anything worth teaching but definitely hope you decide to share whatever you learn lol ;) . I wish I had the knowledge as I can only imagine the “trade off” for helping you would be awesome. So if anyone does know what they are doing, it would be a pretty sweet deal to have Dean owe you a favor ;) .

    As far as your CTR, It’s not overly bad but be sure you have “content” turned off an only using search. If you have both it will really lower your CTR and in turn your quality score.

    If you haven’t done that already, just log in, click on the campaign you want to edit, click the “Edit campaign settings” link above (next to where it shows your daily budget) and then on the right side under “networks” uncheck the content network box and save.

    You can then create another campaign that is the opposite if you want where it is just the content network and not search. But if you have both together it seems the only thing it will do is make sure your CTR is super low which causes your quality score for keywords to go way down which causes your minimum bid to go way up.

    That is pretty much all I know so far lol.

    Would be interesting to see how well your buzz methods work against solid PPC promotion. Maybe once you find someone who really does know their PPC you can work out a huge (obviously buzz worthy) challenge between the two of you to see who can get the most traffic for a specific topic and who spends the least and such. Which could be another benefit for someone to help you out to learn this stuff…if they go up against you in a competition for fun, it would surely bring them some amazing traffic as well ;) .

    Good luck!

    PS don’t forget to filter back what you learn about PPC, I really want to learn too :(

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  • Dean Hunt

    Yes, I will be posting what I learn.

    Thanks for the comments.


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  • Chuck

    OK You need adwords help.
    Here is my suggestion.

    Hey Little Kid!!!!
    Want Some Candy?
    Free Candy And More.

    13 Year Old Girl
    Looking For Someone
    To Talk To–IM Me

    I guarantee lots of clicks and visits.
    BTW what is the equivalent of the FBI in Spain?

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  • Michael

    I would be really interested, however I think it`s a little bit late now isn`t it.

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  • 52tube

    Yes, I will be posting what I learn.

    Thanks for the comments.

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  • Adwords Experts

    I can’t see a date on this post, but if you are still looking for help we’re pretty darn good. Contact and I’ll put you in touch with our SEM manager.

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