God Hates Me


This evening I went for a walk down to my house to get some fresh air. It was one of those days where it was cool inside the house but hot outside, and it was fair to say that I was a little over-dressed for the heat.

On the way back from the house the heat was starting to get to me and I noticed that my throat was going very dry. So i tried to create some moisture in my mouth to get rid of the sandpaper feel of my tongue. I overdid it a little and therefore needed to relieve said moisture onto the pavement…. or in other words I spat on the floor.

I am not a big fan of spitting or indeed people who spit on the streets, but I felt I had to do it at the time…. anyway, it was then I noticed that I had spat on the ground that was part of the village church.

Regular readers will know that I don’t believe in god. But maybe being in a Catholic village has had some effect on me, because I had this little voice in my head saying things like “You can’t spit on gods land” or “you will go to hell for this”.

Looking back maybe it was just the heat getting to me.

However, something has just happened that makes me think that I am being punished for it.

In my last post I mentioned that I sold my main web site on Friday afternoon… It was a powerful PR5 content site with over 15,000 articles on the site and was a decent name in one of the three hardest industries on the net… Anyway, you may be aware that Google is updating Pagerank at the moment, so I checked all my sites and was amazed to see that the main site that I sold 72 hours ago has gone to PR6 :(

Is this god punishing me? and if god is pissed with me then does he have the ability to change peoples pagerank?

I suppose that on the bright side it shows that my SEO skills are up to scratch. But it is still quite annoying.

On my next site I am not going to do any link building, I will just donate 200 pounds to the church and see if god gives me a nice pagerank boost. I wonder if god has any tips for improving convertion rates as well?


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