Get Paid From Your Distractions


Below is a video I did in Dubai recently… the camera work was less than perfect, but amongst other things, I talk about getting paid from your distractions…

check it out:

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  • Brandon Ellis

    Brilliant comment mate. Find your Dna by seeing what you do when you think your wasting time. Guess I will become a breakdancer!:) Sike…. Nice insight as always. I am amidst of a shift right now because of following my DNA. Part of my awakening was the Interview you a Ciaran did with @GaryVee. Thanks man! Latr
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  • Jose?Internet Marketing Coach

    When I started working at home, I never expected there would be more distractions than when working in an office. It takes a lot of discipline to be able to do productive work at home.

    I liked the title of your post, Dean. Thanks.


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  • Woody

    Nice video, seems to be either something talked about a lot more and more these days…or else I am noticing it more because of my own situations. Monetising distractions, loving what you do. 2010 I will solve this :)
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  • Agent Deepak

    Nice. Getting Paid for you Distractions. Hmm! that sounds really interesting.

    In BTW, you have a game website too.
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  • Shane

    That’s an interesting approach.
    How do you make sure that your distractions don’t turn into work when you’re trying to monetize them, though?
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  • @AmirAnzur

    Dean, as always great tips! Great seeing you live and am a little embarrassed by the camera work – you were one of my first people I got on flip.

    Look forward to taking up coaching from you.

    .-= @AmirAnzur´s last blog ..Why the PhDs are old news =-.

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  • Mark David

    Very cool advice, Dean, i like it.

    With the amount of distractions in my life � and in my head � will probably invite me along to their staff dance before long…

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  • Jim Furr

    Hi Dean,

    Ok, I know What to do …

    Now, I need to know How to do it!

    Jim >

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  • Jim Furr

    What I do when I should be doing something else.

    My DNA:
    Who am I?

    What do I:

    What Am I:
    Great at
    Am terrible at

    What are my:

    Build all the into my business!

    Jim Furr >

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