From Anti-bacterial Surface Wipes to Riches


Everyone loves a rags to riches story, but people forget that it must start with a rag.

See the video below:

Leave a comment, or I will frown in your general direction.

PS: let me know any weird stuff you find in your work environment, I found a snowman made of blue tac…. good times

  • Tony Teegarden

    Ok you must be spying on me and my desk lol. I SO am taking a rag to my desk in order to get to more of my riches. The old saying, “show me a clean desk and I’ll show you someone not making any money” is what I find myself programmed with.

    Ironcially last night I found the site lol. Ok Ok I’m listening! ::getting the rag now::
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  • Dean Hunt


    My desk has been a mess for years, but I must confess, I have been more productive and clear-headed today.

    Plus, less chance of getting ill from all the germs thanks to my trusty anti-bacterial wipes ;-)

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  • John Paul

    I use a spray air can to clean the
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  • Tristen Royal

    I’m afraid I may work better in a unorganized environment.. Maybe I just don’t know what to do when my workspace is clean.

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  • Mark David

    Hey Dean

    I’m guessing you prefer your office door to be on the left hand side of the screen, since I notice the Detol you’re holding is read backwards…


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  • Dean Hunt


    I was the same, but I have to say it has really helped.


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  • Dean Hunt


    Not sure why, but it flips the video around… stupid Mac ;-)

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  • Bonnie

    Funny you should mention that… selling off & donating last bits of my retail biz this holiday season to clear space for new biz, new relationships & new success! Focus is much easier in uncluttered space ;~D
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  • Rob

    My wife is a professional organizer so under threat of death my desk is clean at all times!
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  • Lafwell@benefits of laughter

    I get my other half to do the job (I’m too busy tapping the keyboard clean ….) OR I sneeze! That blows away a few cobwebs but isn’t too good for the computa screen!

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  • Tristen Royal

    Then I’ll give it a whirl and see what happens. Nice video.

    One more thing, I sometimes feel like I have so many great ideas at once, and i rush to write them all down, but sometimes I’ll be driving, or at my day job and I can’t.

    Can anyone relate?

    I’m beginning to think I should just relax my mind, and not be so concerned with “trapping” the thoughts.

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  • alan

    I’ve been to Dean’s desk, its very clean, he speaks the truth!
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  • Dean Hunt


    For the most part, my desk is a complete mess. As I mentioned in the video, I cleaned it this morning.

    Here is a photo of the desk with the bacterial wipes from the video:

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  • alan

    Hey Dean,

    Don’t wanna come and tidy my office up do you? Its bordering on a health hazard now.

    Apparently they did a survey and people with ‘slightly untidy’ desks were more productive than those who had tidy desks.

    Something here about it, haven’t read it through cause I’m lazy but the headlines appeased me.
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  • Shane

    So very true.
    I just recently cleaned up my office and it made working instantly more enjoyable.
    Though, in the meantime, clutter is already creeping back in.
    Seriously, it’s like “mess” has a mind of it’s own (and significantly more willpower than me).
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  • Tammy

    How do you feel about organized chaos? :)
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  • James Schramko

    WTF have you done to your hair?
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  • Dean Hunt

    James, haha, it was a bit of a mess… had a shower an hour or so b4, so it went a little weird, and I couldn’t be bothered fixing it.

    Tammy, that is probably the closest I will ever come to being organised ;-)

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  • Jared

    James said the same recently about a …clean desk.

    So I thought: “What’s stopping me?

    Answer popped out: Psch guys have said: “we can not hold more than 5-7 thoughts in our mind at one time.” Or we loose it – in our heads.

    So I wondered if this is true? About me? So, I tested on my desktop and file folders.

    Hmmm. I now have no more than five to a folder. Took 3 weeks to get there – I had cluttered two monitors.

    Even my bookmark bar has five. When there was 7 or more, I was getting lost figuring where things are. Five works!

    Wasn’t easy. Struggled to figure titles to folders …I’d remember.

    But …it’s working. Love it. And I have James to thank.

    And you too Dean. I get insights hearing how cool what works in the buzz market.

    The key is to …clean up at the end of each day. Loving my desk more and more.

    Thank you.

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  • Karl Ellerbeck

    The video is a good ‘conversation starter’ Dean!

    Research appears to show that most creative people are visual learners and they ‘need’ to have projects in sight which often means cluttered desks. At the same time, too much visual stimulus will distract them and interfere with being highly productive.

    My personal experience shows me that my desk clutter accumulates because I don’t finish completely a task and it remains in my visual field. That last little bit of the task (like filing it away) is not nearly as ‘interesting’ as the beginning and the middle and then I am already moving on to something else. A weakness of mine…

    Hey… I thought you weren’t going to send those bunnies over here if I posted?

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  • Aimee Vo

    That rag you were holding up should be added to the Dean Hunt Package as well since we are decluttering and all… :)

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  • Norman Kennedy

    great metephore,and so true,Norman

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  • Casey Stevens

    Geez that is a clean desk Dean,

    Can you tell me please where I’m supposed to keep my pens, diary, moisturiser, lip balm, sticky notes, pad paper, phone, water glass and all the rest??!

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  • Small Business Marketing Ideas

    Now this could be about something much deeper. Though give me a can of mr sheen anyday!and I am a happy girl……… it just me or does the smell of polish just get me going?*!

    Back to what I was saying. A mentor of mine talks about the outer world being a reflection of the inner. Whenever I tidy up or organise my desk I know a shift is coming and something positive is about to land!!

    Thanks for the video Dean

    She of the polish fettish

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