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Since being featured on for the second time in a row, I have had many requests from website and blog owners who want me to write content for their sites.

Some people offered links in exchange, others offered money (one company offered a VERY large amount of money). So to save me replying to numerous e-mails per day I am going to tell you my position on writing content for your site.

I am currently willing to write content for FREE for your site or blog on any of the following topics:

Webmaster related
Buying websites
Selling websites
Social media
How to retire at 21
Interesting stuff that entertains me

So why am I turning down large sums of money to do this for free?

Quite simply I signed an exclusive contract earlier this year, so accepting that money would get me in a lot of trouble, however, I am allowed to write content in exchange for backlinks.

If you own a blog or site that is related to any of the above, then contact me today via the following:

E-mail: contact AT (replace AT with @)
AIM, Gtalk, Yahoo etc... contact me at the above e-mail addy and tell me your desired messenger program and include your username, and I will contact you.

  • Dean Hunt

    To the people who have left a comment on this article, I have removed your comment to protect that privacy of your site etc….

    I have replied via e-mail instead.


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  • Jay Adair

    I hope this doesn’t mean you’ll slow down here Dean, I enjoy the read :)

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  • Bonzer

    Hi Dean can your skills expand to Sites like Mine ?

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