Focus and yee shall succeed


You may have already noticed that from time to time I lack focus.

Generally my head jumps from one idea to another, and I really like to be as creative as possible. In the past I have felt that being focused would be just restrictive to my thinking process. It would be like Wayne Rooney without the agression in his game ;)

However, I have started to learn that infact focus is a vital aspect of making big money from the net.

It was a friend/contact that has helped teach me the importance of this over the past 5-6 weeks, for the sake of anonymity I will call him Bazza. Bazza has taught me that it is great to have a head that can’t stop thinking of unqiue and bizzare ideas, but if you want to make serious money from those ideas then you need to focus as well.

Thanks Bazza!

So it was time to put my new focus into practice.. I was aiming to give myself a small challenge like writing more than 3 e-mails without getting distracted, but fate interveined and I was given the mother of all focus related challenges…. A HUGE JOB OFFER.

I was contacted via e-mail from a guy who reads this blog (Hello Mr Headhunter) :) Mr H informed me that there was a well paid position available and that they would like to fly me out to speak with the head of the company for an interview. I explained that I was already involved in a major partnership and did not have the time to do any interviews, and especially not the time to do another fulltime job.

But then two days later they said that the company head would be willing to fly to Madrid to meet me. (Yikes)

The salary was pretty damn impressive. I am not going to give specifics, but it was roughly x7 the salary from when I was a retail manager.

I may be mad on turning down this offer, but I see it as more a test of my new found focus.

I would be keen to hear from anyone else who struggles to focus… have you overcome the problem? how do you deal with it?

I am off to catch a fly using only a pair of chopsticks :)


  • Jamie

    It’s one of my biggest problems Dean. You settle down to write some content etc and you end up surfing or getting distracted by emails.

    If I had found a solution, I doubt I’d still be doing the day job! The best advice I can off is to exit messenger and also set a specific amount of time to whatever task you are doing. Even if it’s only 30mins where you do nothing but, ignore the phone if it rings, oh and the Mrs! I know it sounds simple but if you can stick to attacking it like that, it works.

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  • Phil

    FOCUS!!!! Coming from me, a guy whose had a zillion sites and FINALLY starting to make some’s not about the ideas, it’s about the successful excecution of ONE good idea. Luckily, I had a Spanish girlfriend who whipped me into shape “¡Enfócate joder” It worked.

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  • Dean Hunt

    Hi Phil.

    Glad to hear you are starting to make some cash now.

    I agree that you have also had “Zillions” of ideas. But there is nothing wrong with that, it just shows you are creative.

    Enjoy Paris you lucky sod.


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