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Hi guys,

I was recently interviewed by Colin Hiles of Finding Your Smile

It was perhaps the most revealing and indepth interview I have ever done.

Also, I successfully completed the “Pantaloons challenge” (don’t ask).

I hope you enjoy this unique insight and some great advice.

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  • Rich

    Hi Dean

    It just got interesting and stopped after the 17min mark just as you were talking about VCOP so I assume there is more to come!!


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  • Dean Hunt

    Small techincal glitch – being fixed now – whole interview should appear shortly

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  • Suzanne Franco

    Great interview! I’ve tried to get past the part where you start explaining your 4 steps and it just stops. Hmmm … I wonder if it would work all the way through if I download it to my computer? I’ll give it a shot … thanks for posting it. *SmiLes* Suzanne

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  • Tristen Royal

    Wow, ok. You confirmed my sneaky suspicion that I shouldn’t just give all my information out for free like I’ve been told to do.

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  • Jason Mitchell

    Dean is the master of creative headlines for Digg. I just posted this headline and wanted to know what you all thought:

    $43,249 Worth of Free Sh*t up for Grabs

    You can see it at:

    Thanks for your feedback Dean and Buzz Marketers!

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  • Tammy

    Testing out the comment luv… Yay it works!
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  • Cathy Fletcher

    emailed this interview to my son
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  • Jenny Nunning

    Just by chance, I happened to come across this podcast while I was on the eliptical machine at the gym this morning. I typically don’t even search the business section for podcasts, but I am SO glad I did today! I have to say that you guys have reignited a fire in me because of the absolutely inspiring, yet practical, down to earth, and
    amazingly simple to execute information they offer in this podcast!

    I have been writing a motivational type of book about weight loss for the past several months. I am doing this because I have lost 80 pounds. This is the THIRD time in my life I have lost this amount of
    weight and this time I have successfully kept it off for two years because of some cognitive and lifestyle changes I have made (I now know it’s not just about diet and exercise). This time around I have gained some unique insight into this subject that will really benefit alot of people.

    I am also an occupational therapist, whose job it is to help people function in their lives as fully, successfully, and independently as possible. From personal experience, I know that being overweight
    prevents some people from fully participating in their lives.

    I do know these two aspects of my life qualify me to have some credibility with this subject matter, but at times (and currently before I listened to this podcast), my confidence wanes and I think “who am I to write this book?” and “no one will want to hear what I have to say.” Since listening to this podcast I am on FIRE! I am SO ready to get back at it! Instead of feeling like I am going to have to
    work for years and years to have any hope that this book may be successful, or that I have to depend on others to do it for me, I know there are things I can do RIGHT NOW to ensure that it IS successful! I
    am also now confident that I DO have something VERY important to say to the world and they will ABSOLUTELY benefit from hearing it!

    Thanks guys for pulling me out of the uninspired state I was in and getting me excited again about what I have to share with the world! I will be listening to this podcast again and telling everyone I know about it! I am also getting ready to visit both of your web-sites, and! Thanks again and I look forward to learning more from you in the future!

    Jenny Nunning, OTR
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  • Dean Hunt


    That is awesome, thanks so much for the comment, and subscribe to for our weekly podcast.

    It is on iTunes also.


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