Dumb and Dumber


Is society getting more and more stupid?

On the evidence of the following newspaper clippings, it certainly seems so.

Man Accidentally Sues Himself

Under Funded

Let’s Be Civil

Hide & Seek

Thanks For The Reminder

What Are The Chances?

You Can’t Be Serious!


Leave a comment with any dumb stories or experiences you have had.

For example, I was on holiday once, and upon our return to the villa, my dad (David) was greeted with the question: “Who is it David?”.

I blame television.


  • http://REItips.com jp | REI Tips

    Some great stuff there, man! I actually LOLed!

    Thanks for a great welcome break to a crazy morning.

    …jp moses

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  • http://tlmarketing.net Tom

    Ha-ha… Some people sure are dumb.

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  • http://SocialMediaFormula.com Michael S. Copeland

    Wow Dean!

    These are some pretty amazing headlines. Does this mean that logic isn’t needed in our headlines? lol

    I hope their not all from the same paper!!?

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  • http://www.michaelhenryonline.com/2008/11/xhtml-compliance-opening-target-in-a-new-window/ Mike Henry

    Hilarious. That underfunded headline is great. Sounds like the small town school funding problems we’re going through. :)

    Counterpoint: had you stumbled upon them reading the actual paper, would you have read been more inclined the article or not? You know, “Wow, they’re looking for civil war planes? They had those?”

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  • http://www.standoutblogger.com Tom -StandOutBlogger.com

    they were all awesome! But the Australian army one was so funny!

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  • Jigar Banker

    I got these two from Paul Myers…

    “Satan Sidelined with Laryngitis” (Buffalo News)

    “Sabers Renounce Satan” (ESPN)


    PS: Both refer to then-forward Miroslav Satan (pronounced SHUH-tan)…

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  • http://www.hugh-fraser.co.uk/blog/2008/11/15/validation-the-movie/ Hugh Fraser

    They are some of the funniest headlines I have seen!!

    Thank you for sharing.

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  • http://www.thedoctorwithin.com/vaccine-dangers.php Mark

    Society gets dumber by design. I blame mommy, to start with. Hey, you try building good brains with the clown food she’s eating! Then there’s birth, and Pink Floyd nailed it: “Just a little pinprick…you may feel a little sick.” And you may get a little dumber – Dr. Tim O’Shea talks to that in his book, The Sanctity of Human Blood : Vaccination i$ Not Immunization
    Then there’s the rest of life. Edukashun (Pink Floyd again) in the public fool system, indoctrinations into countless hobgoblins of the mind… You’ve got to be darn lucky to come out OK like a Dean Hunt.

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  • http://www.canadianguitarplayer.com mark

    I guess we’re all a little stupid Dean. But some people
    can’t figure it out.

    Keep up the crazy $hit on your blog and all you do to help us internet marketers.

    Peace to Everyone,


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  • http://www.secretcashplan.com Secret Cash Plan

    These headlines belong on Jay Leno. Print them and send them in Dean.

    Thanks for the laugh.

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  • http://www.bonspielcreation.etsy.com ellen

    These are *too* funny for Jay Leno. Don’t let him see them!

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  • http://www.connexted.com/blog/ Craig Dewe

    Stupid people help my self esteem…

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  • http://boksiora.googlepages.com/home2?954836346 web design

    Maybe they should check behind the large metal brush.
    In response to the preview.

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  • http://www.unitedhomeexperts.com/roofing/ MA Roofing Contractor

    The last one is the best! Hilarious!

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