Dublin City – Where Robbery Comes With a Friendly Smile


I got back from a week in Dublin (Ireland) last night, and I feel compelled to write a little about my experience of Dublin City.

First of all, I must stress that I had a great time, and also, the people are the friendliest people I have ever met. It didn’t surprise me that Dublin is regularly voted as officially the friendliest place in Europe.

However, and here is where things get messy… being friendly doesn’t make the daylight robbery any easier to swallow.

For anyone who hasn’t been to Dublin in the past few years, I will explain…

Dublin is bloody expensive!!!

I am not referring to the 5-star hotel I was in, you expect to pay over the odds for that, but it was the day-to-day stuff that really hits the pocket.

Taxis, and food and drink were the main offenders.

On one night out we couldnt’t find a beer for less than 5 euros ($8+) (4 pounds), and often I was paying over 6 euros per drink.

Food wasn’t much better, often I was paying over 30 euros per meal (over $50) and I am not referring to fancy restaurants, this was basic pub-food, the sort of food you can get for less than a quarter of the price in England.

I had been warned in advance of the crazy prices, and for the first few days I just took it as part of the package, but there is only so much daylight robbery you can take before your pride comes into play.

I was once on a plane with a very rich and successful business man, and he quizzed me on the cost of taxis in Madrid for at least 20 mins. He said something that i am going to echo…  “Spending money is not an issue, I just don’t like being purposely ripped-off”.

I know exactly how he feels.

I have never had an issue spending money, infact, you could say the opposite is true… but anyone with any self-pride is going to have major issues in Dublin.

So here is to Dublin, a great place, great Guiness, amazing people, but tough on the wallet, and an attack on any self-respecting person’s pride.


  • steve

    I know exactly what you mean. I made my first trip over to dublin last weekend to see some friends. Cost waaay more than i expected in the same areas especially drink. each round was €30 which was just crazy. I dont think i will be complaining about the price of drinks in liverpool on a saturday night anytime soon!

    still though fantastic city, great people – going back in sept.

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  • http://www.affiliateblogonline.com/ Paula from Affiliate Blog Online

    LOL – Well you’ve had me in stitches here just reading some of the stuff on your blog. I particularly like the $1m review – I hope that pans out for you.

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  • http://becomingasalsero.blogspot.com/ Walter

    Yep, Dublin is crazy. There are some pubs with normal prices, or rather, normal compared to what you ran into but they’re well hidden.

    Hope the Guinness made up for it :)

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  • http://www.IWriteYouProfit.com Jim Chianese

    Ahh yes Dublin, The friendly smiling faces…because they have so much of my, and every other tourists Money!

    Luck-O’- The Irish…Like many marketers They have created their own Luck…Will I go back, Heck Yea, especially for a speaking gig when they also pay expenses!

    Take Care Dean

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  • johnny s.

    OMG how much???!!! Is all that I thought, everywhere I turned in Dublin last week.
    Daylight Robbery was invented by the Dubliners you know, back in the days of a window tax. Listen up you people, those days are are gone. It was cheaper to order room service from the restraunt at the Clontarf than it was to eat out. It was also cheaper to drink out of the mini bar , rather than buy a drink in your “traditional Pubs” down by the river.
    Do I feel ripped off? No, I just don’t like being taken for a ride by a Nation of ejots

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