Deanos Den Online BIG Decision


For those of you who are not up to date with this project I will go over the basics.

There is a show in the UK called “The Dragons Den”. The concept is that a group of rich business men and women are the dragons. The dragons have money to invest and people come into the dragons den (Abandoned warehouse) with their business ideas. They pitch their business ideas to the dragons and if a dragon likes the idea then he/she may invest in it.

My idea was to take this concept and do it ONLINE.

The response to my idea has been huge and I have been receiving messages from potential dragons who all want to be a part of this project.

To date I have had approx 200k in potential investment, 3 development teams, 6 developers, 4 programmers, 1 x SEO expert, 1 x PPC management and PPC funding offer, and two marketing teams.


The big decision was in which format we would do this project? it is now looking like we are going to accept ideas from the general public.


We are going to be accepting web site and business ideas from YOU. Anyone who we choose will be accepted into the project and will be given a % of the company.

If you have any ideas that you would like to pitch to the dragons then I have created a special e-mail account at:
ideas AT

Tell us your idea and be as specific as possible. This will be seen by all of the dragons and we will contact you with any questions.

So get your thinking cap on and you could be a part of this supergroup.