What is Down the Side of Your Sofa?


Can your sofa transform your business?

Sounds like a crazy question, but something cool happened to me this morning, and as a result, I created this quick video for you:

Here is the link for the “Raid Your Sofa Special”: Sofa So Good (Play on words intended, albeit a poor attempt at humour)

As I am sure you are smart enough to notice, this is an ethical bribe.

I know that if you use the site for 14 days, you re unlikely to want to discontinue, simply because there is so much awesome info in there…

And, you get me and Barry answering your biggest questions on the private forums… all for less than you will find down the side of your sofa.

That is what I call a zero risk ethical bribe.

So go raid your sofa, and then signup for 14 days discounted access for $1. Signup here

The first 25 people to signup get in on the sofa special. So please signup today to guarantee entry.


PS: yes, I found the car keys eventually. Thanks

  • http://www.collectiblescornertv.com tammy

    Holy Crap only a dollar? That’s pretty cool Dean. As a member of the site already i can say that’s a very very good deal.

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  • http://www.Techetricks.Blogspot.Com Mohan

    Thats Very nice dean

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