Dot Com Xpo – Slides, Vids and more…


I recently spoke at the DotComXpo in Stamford,CT…

It rocked my tiny little face off.

I promised the attendees that I would share my slides, some vids etc with them when I returned… so this is that post. I have also included a couple of cool pics and stories from the event… oh, and a video lesson on how to get the most out of events BEFORE you even go to the event.


—-> Here is a PDF of my presentation

There were a lot of jokes, videos and improvisations in the presentation… below are some of the videos from the slides.

Ryan Lee vs Dean Hunt

We made this video to playfully engage Ryan to help my client and I brainstorm. :)

SuperHero Powers

We made this as a birthday gift for Ryan.

ListAnimal – Animated Demo Video

My agency made this video for ListAnimal (coming soon)… we did it on an insanely tight deadline, but it came out well. If you would like one of these types of videos for your business, let me know.

Give Your Business a CUTTING edge

This video got a round of applause… we wanted to introduce our new agency with a bang, this had people on the edge of their seats. If you would like an attention grabbing promo video like this one for your business, let me know.

SkullNinja – weird attention grabber

This got us in the door with a potential client.

Cheers – from a hairy guy

Combining flattery and weirdness, this video was made for a shot glass app company.. they liked it so much that they posted it on their fanpage… we are now in talks to be their video team for future projects. If you would like to attract high value clients and partners with these kinds of methods, my team and I can do it for you.

How to get the most out of an event, and save money on hotels etc…

For those of you who made it to the event, it was great connecting with you.


Below is what some nice people said about my ramblings:

  • Ken Hammond

    Loved your presentation Mister Hunt! A lovegasm of creative ideas for me… you cheeky little minx. :-) – Ken

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    • Dean Hunt

      Ken, haha, that is very kind of you. Glad you enjoyed it.


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