Domain Appraisals


Yesterday I told you about one of the things to be wary of when buying a site: the over valuation of web site potential. Today I am going to warn you about another trick that is becoming more and more popular: Domain Appraisals.

A domain appraisal is basically some company that looks at your domain name and assigns a value to it. In theory this sounds very nice, but in practice it serves very little purpose.

For example: I was told about a web site for sale yesterday and the owner had taken screenshots of the revenue, traffic etc…. and then right at the end he put an image of a domain appraisal that he had on his domain for $50,000 – $75,000

At best the domain was worth $50, but this appraisal had raised the perceived value of this site.

I tested on a few sites and the general results were that it is worth a minimum of $5,000 just for the domain. Which is clearly a load of nonsense.

What concerns me is that I have the sneaking suspicion that these scripts are designed to be as flattering as possible so that the domain owner wants to brag about it. This basically means that he/she will start telling people about it via blogs, forums etc and therefore the appraisal site gets loads of one-way backlinks.

For legal reasons I will not say that it is a SCAM ;)

So for those of you considering buying a web site this is lesson two of the site buying guide: BEWARE OF THE DOMAIN APPRAISAL


  • Diane Howlett

    Will you please advise me where I can find an accurate web domain appraisal?

    My husband and I are going through a divorce and we both own a web domain and wish to know how to finacially split the value. Thanks Diane

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    • wickysree

      i will help you

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  • wickysree

    If you want to know your domain appraisal value you can check from

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  • seo man

    The only thing worse is someone selling a website basing the value on its predicted pagerank.

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